$25 Gift for New Members


In our quest to help farmers plan ahead, we have a special incentive to get started on your CNG certification before springtime.

Here's the deal....

1. Submit your application/s by March 31st. 

2. If at least one application is accepted, we will include a $25 gift card with your welcome packet, to be used in the CNG store.

3. The gift card may be put toward certification dues, or used on marketing materials after the three core requirements for certification have been completed.


How to activate the gift card

If you pay by check: Include the $25 gift card and subtract that amount from your total payment.

If you pay online with a credit card: Just indicate in the order notes that you'd like to use your $25 gift card and we will send you a refund check for $25

We appreciate payments by check because then the bankers don't take a cut! But if you prefer to pay online that's totally fine too. 


Gifts For Referring New Members too!

CNG Members may earn a $25 gift card for every new member they refer who applies by March 31st, once that new member completes the core requirements to obtain their certification. The more new members you refer to CNG, the more gift cards you could earn!

Only one member may receive credit as the referring person for each new member. The new member typically mentions who referred them on their application, but they may also do this in a follow-up email to CNG.