Seeking Comments on Draft Biofilm Standard

Farmers are always looking for new tools and technologies that can improve the sustainability of their operation. One new tool that has received considerable attention recently is known as "biodegradable plastic mulch film", or biofilm.


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CNG's Scholarship Fund Helps Owl Wood Farm Get Established


Owl Wood Farm joined Certified Naturally Grown in 2014 when Mark Bascom and Lindsay Fisk first got started on their Hudson Valley farm, located in the rural hamlet of Salem, New York near the border with Vermont.

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5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Farmers


Podcasts aren’t new, but these days it seems like everyone is talking about them. While there’s an abundance of shows about science, food, nature and culture, there aren’t that many shows about sustainable agriculture. With summer here and plenty of harvesting to do, we decided to dig around for the best farming shows out there!

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Banding Together in Arkansas: New South Produce Co-op


“There are things you can do together that you can’t do alone,” said Ben Maddox, manager of the New South Produce Cooperative in Little Rock, AR. This statement rings true for many Certified Naturally Grown producers, who value their independence as well as their strength in numbers. CNG farmers are sharing tools, ideas and some are even banding together to sell produce in cooperative models. We’ll focus on the New South co-op for the first of a series of blog posts about members who are finding ways to grow and thrive through collaboration. 

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6 Facts about Aquaponics


Our new Aquaponics Certification is taking root--but not in the soil! Here are six reasons why we think aquaponics is a great option for sustainable farmers.  (photo above from DFW Aquaponics, CNG since 2016) 

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The People and History of CNG


In celebration of our 15th year of serving farmers, we're proud to share the story of CNG, and what some of our members and staff have accomplished over the years. We have a new website, and new bumper stickers and handbooks, but we're still guided by the same principles that first brought farmers together in 2002. Here's a look at how we've grown over the years. 

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Spring Newsletter


The Harvest Quarterly will arrive once every few months. Enjoy it while it's fresh! To receive it via email, subscribe here

We have news about our new Handbook for Natural Beekeeping with updated apiary standards, a special gift for new Friends of CNG, a fresh crop of Local Coordinators, and a call for photos of farmers. Enjoy!


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Gifts for New Friends of CNG

Our work is powered by farmers, but it's greatly enhanced by Friends of CNG . Will you join us as a friend this summer? 
During June and July we are sending all new Friends a special gift, and dedicating all Friends' contributions toward replenishing our Scholarship Fund. Here's the skinny:

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CNG's Scholarship Fund Helps Farms Like Health By Plants


In 2016, Health By Plants in Pine River, WI, applied to become Certified Naturally Grown but, like many farmers just starting out, farmers David and Allison were unable to cover the full certification dues. They both worked full time jobs in addition to running a farm, and did not expect to turn a profit until the summer of 2017. Until then, they planned to run crop trials, grow food for their friends and family, research the market landscape and test out a trial run of their first CSA season.

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Handbook for Natural Beekeeping, 3rd Edition

HB CoverMany beekeepers turn to CNG's apiary certification standards for guidance on natural beekeeping. This spring we published the third edition of our Handbook for Natural Beekeeping, a handy booklet presenting these standards, including the latest updates. 

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