How to Re-Join CNG

So you'd like to return to CNG, after not being CNG certified for a while? That's great!

To make it official, all the key CNG program requirements need to be completed. In particular:

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1. Sign and return this year's Declaration. With livestock certification a Feed Supplier Declaration is also required.



2. Pay the annual certification dues

You may do this with a credit card in the online store, or use a check and the order form. We recommend $200 per year. For produce and livestock certification the minimum dues required is $110 per year. 

If you are re-joining CNG after October 1 then your dues will be paid through all of the next calendar year. (Dues are paid on a calendar basis and are renewed in February.)



3. Arrange your peer-review Inspection.

Find certification forms and guidelines here. Find a CNG farmer-inspector by using our searchable map

The requirement that you conduct an inspection of another CNG farm or apiary in your area should be completed as soon as possible (unless there's no other CNG farmer within an hour's drive). It is not necessary to inspect another farm/apiary before your certification is re-instated.

Once the above four requirements are completed, your certification will be re-instated and you'll be eligible to use the colorful CNG marketing materials.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

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