Scholarship Fund

Tomato_Offering.pngThe Scholarship Fund was established by CNG producers to help defray the cost of CNG certification for beginning farmers and those hit by unusual hardship such as extreme weather or physical injuries. It is generously replenished by CNG producers and Friends of CNG committed to helping farmers join our grassroots initiative. 

Please help provide scholarships to deserving farmers and chip in here

Apply for a Scholarship

To be eligible for a scholarship, farmers must already have CNG certification, or complete an online application for CNG certification. To submit a scholarship application, follow these three steps.

1. Submit a short statement that includes the following information:

  • how long you've been farming,
  • a brief description of your farm, history, and/or anything special about you and your farm,
  • why it's important to you that your farm is a part of CNG,
  • the dollar amount you're able to contribute

2. Print and sign a Member Declaration

3. Send your Application Statement and Declaration to Certified Naturally Grown.
    Mail: 540 President St. Third Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215
    Fax: 718-596-4697

Scholarship Fund Criteria

Scholarships are distributed until the funds are spent. Priority is given to farmers who: 

  • are in their first three years of operation, or
  • are facing unusual hardship like extreme weather, physical injury, job loss
  • have a track record of meeting CNG requirements in a timely manner (for returning members)
  • will benefit from certification
  • are recommended by other CNG farmers
  • can contribute at least $50 toward their certification
  • have completed the on-farm inspection requirement with the past 10 months (for returning members)