Short Takes

Each Short Take about Real Farm life will be only six minutes long, and will be accompanied by 20 pictures. This is a great way for us to hear from a bunch of different farmers in a short period of time. See more on our Facebook event page. They are:

Sarah Bay, Fulton Farm at Wilson College
Have a nice day from the Fulton Farm

Rebecca Croog, Gettysburg College Student Farm
Head in the Sky, Hands in the Dirt: Adventures of a Nomadic Farmer

JJ Dabs, Cherry Grove Farm
Labor of Love

David Dietz, Dietz Produce
Adventures in Avian Mobile Homes

Hanna Grose, The Gleaning Project of South Central PA
Got Food?

Molly McCullagh and Ben Currotto, Real Food Farm/Civic Works
Growing Young Leaders and Healthy Eaters

Mike Nolan, Earth Spring Farm
The "Revival" of the Small Farmer: How We Do it at ESF

Judi Radel, Yeehaw Farm
Farming Through the Years: Some Things Change, Some Things Don't

Sally Voris, White Rose Farm
Step into Life at White Rose Farm!

Ben Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm
Your Life in Agriculture, Thriving

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