2022 Spring Harvest Quarterly

Posted on April 06, 2022

Certified Naturally Grown

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Welcome to Our 38 Newly-Certified Farmers and BeekeepersNewly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

Grow NWA​,​ AR
Awareness Ranch​,​ AZ
Valley Organics​,​ CA
Vesolaya Gardens​,​ CA
Good Steward Farms​,​ CO
Autumn Harvest Orchard, CT
Liepold Pond Farm​,​ CT
Harvest Grove Microgreens​,​ GA
Jim's Backyard Plants, GA

Lazy Summer Farm​,​ GA
Old Dial Road Farm, GA
Hawaii Green Earth, HI
Heritage Hogs Hawaii​,​ HI
Wood Valley Ranch​,​ HI
Two Hands Farm​,​ ME
Shubert Family Homestead​, MI
Tortoise & Hare Farm,​​ MI
Good Fight Flowers​,​ NC
Heritage Hills Farm, NC
Psycho Chicken Eco Farm​,​ NC

Zephyr Family Farm​,​ NC
Beavers Produce​,​ NE
DaisyFields Farm​,​ NJ
Tanglefoot Farm​,​ OK
Cornerstone Organics, Ontario
Mindful Mushrooms​,​ OR
SunCatcher Farms​,​ OR
Blackbranch Farm​,​ PA
Hickory Run Homestead, PA
Eat Your Greens!, TX
Bee Haven Farm & Apiary,​ VA
Green Planet Farms, VA
Rivenwood Gardens, VA
Shine Farms, VA
Yonderyear Farm, VA
Js Grass Fed Garden, VT
Bright Thread Farm, WA
Eldur Heron Farm​,​ WA
Hidden Penny Farm, WA

Newly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

The Latest News from Your Grassroots Certification

New Training on How to Do a Peer Review Inspection with Impact
  We're boosting the benefits of our participatory certification.

Our Podcast Partnership with Collaborative Farming, No Till Growers
  Featuring farmers who succeed through collaboration.

Last Call! Apply by March 31st, Get A Quick Response & 3 Free Signs
  Special offer for new applicants who certify this spring.

Microgreens: Fun Facts, Features & Video Reel
  Tiny crops with big flavor are a hit in our community.

New & Returning Business Allies

These are the first allies of 2022. We thank them for supporting our grassroots initiative!

BCS America

Dirtcraft Organics

Easy Digging Garden Tools

Kenkashi Microbes

Osborne Quality Seeds

Texas Real Food