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Goal: 20 New Friends by 10/20!

ShireFolk Farm inspection by Chrickhollow Farm
June 2019, Palmyra, Virginia

You can never have too many friends!

In fact, we'd like 20 Friends to join Certified Naturally Grown by October 20.

Become a Friend with a gift of any amount, and you'll help power our new initiative to pair beginning farmers with the most experienced producers in their area.

In this knowledge-intensive profession, it is invaluable for those just starting out to receive in-person guidance from farmers with many seasons of natural production under their belts.

Your monthly gifts will boost the next generation of farmers.

Or click here to make a single donation

Can you help us reach our goal of 20 new Friends by October 20? Spread the word by sharing this link, and help us reach our goal!

Just copy and paste the following to share by text message, email, or social media:

I'm a Friend of Certified Naturally Grown. It's a farmer-friendly group offering certification for ecologically-minded farmers and beekeepers. Will you become a Friend, too? You'll help boost beginning farmers! www.cngfarming.org/20_by_20

Not in your budget to become a Friend right now? You are always welcome to join the community by signing up to receive CNG's updates: www.cngfarming.org/email_preferences

By way of thanks for becoming a Friend, we'll send you the latest issue of our printed newsletter. Check out a preview! It's hot off the press, and full of inspirational stories from the CNG community. You'll also receive our Spring 2020 issue as soon as it's ready.


Donations to CNG support the growth of community-based sustainable agriculture and are not tax deductible. 

Thank you very much!

Who's donating

Gene Gage
Paul M. Buseck
Jeremy Varon
Cindy Kinney
Patricia Peoples
Paul M. Buseck
Jeremy Varon
Paul M. Buseck
Jeremy Varon
Paul M. Buseck
Jeremy Varon
Paul M. Buseck
Jeremy Varon
Paul M. Buseck
Paul M. Buseck