4 Easy Ways to Share Recipes With Your Customers

Posted on July 31, 2018

How to Share Recipes

As a farmer with dozens of varieties of unique, colorful vegetables at the market every week, you're probably asked for cooking advice all the time. If it's too busy at your market to fully answer these questions, you might want to consider including recipes on your website or in your email newsletters! Here are four examples of CNG farmers are doing just that--let their work inspire you!

Use Pinterest

Pinterest Recipes
Broadfork Farm uses Pinterest  to share recipes for each type of produce in their CSA shares. Pinterest is a great tool because it's a collaborative platform used to share and organize ideas, art, images, recipes, blog posts and more. Here, users save inspiring images by "pinning" them to their own or others' boards. This method is particularly perfect for busy farmers because it doesn't require the creation of content, but rather facilitates the collection and organization of recipes from food bloggers and chefs.

To start, create several different boards (say, "Cabbage Recipes" or "Summer Recipes"). Then search Pinterest for recipes on those topics and pin them to your boards. All your CSA members have to do is follow you on Pinterest and they'll have access to your boards, each one full of mouthwatering photos to inspire them in the kitchen.


Add a Recipe Archive to Your WebsiteRecipes

Bountiful Harvest Farm curated a recipe index on their website that sorts recipes by each type of vegetable, which appear in alphabetical order. They created a page with three columns on their Squarespace website to minimize scrolling. 

Host a Workshop

As a cooperative farm focused on food justice and education, Poughkeepsie Farm Project offers an array of workshops and food and farming-related events throughout the year. Their upcoming herbal medicine workshops provide an affordable way for community members to visit the farm and learn how to make their own herbal remedies using Certified Naturally Grown herbs.

Recipe of the Month 

Bittersweet Farm is passionate about growing food and helping their customers learn how to cook it and develop healthy lifestyles. They created a Recipes of the Month page on their website to share their favorite seasonal dishes. If creating an extensive recipe collection isn't a reasonable goal for you, commit to something more realistic, like a monthly recipe! Don't forget to share them on social media and in your email newsletters!