5 of the Best Beekeeping Podcasts

Posted on December 07, 2017


Whether you’re curious about bees or an experienced beekeeper, these podcasts provide insight for folks at all levels of experience. They cover pollination, bee health and a range of beekeeping approaches. Each show encourages sustainable, DIY techniques that put the health of bees and pollinators first. (Photo above from Jennings Apiary in Ruston, Louisiana)

PolliNation Podcast by Oregon State University

This podcast is produced by Professor Andony Melathopoulos. He interviews researchers, land managers and concerned citizens about pollinator health.

Kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Show

This podcast comes from West Auckland, New Zealand. The hosts interview people from around the world and share honeybee-related news. They also run a small beekeeping supply business. Check out their shows on Manuka Honey and CNG’s Jennings Apiary!


Bees and Such - Jennings Apiary

CNG Beekeeper Aaron Jennings created this podcast, in which he interviews beekeepers and experts in the field. You can hear his conversation with Alice Varon, the director of CNG in episode 4.

The Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast

If you’re curious about treatment-free beekeeping, then this is the show for you. Each episode is packed with tips and strategies for building healthy hives with minimal intervention.

The Beekeeper’s Corner Podcast

Hobbyist Kevin Inglin hosts a podcast on beekeeping practices and news relating to bees, hives and honey from his home in central New Jersey. If you’re looking for a deep dive, this show is for you.