5 Key Benefits of Joining Certified Naturally Grown

Posted on April 03, 2018

Little Wild Things Farm is Certified Naturally Grown

Busy farmers and beekeepers know that maintaining a certification on top of everything else that comes up on a farm can be a challenge. That's why Certified Naturally Grown offers real, tangible benefits to local food producers that go beyond the certificate. (photo above from Little Wild Things City Farm in Washington, DC)

1. Get credit for your growing practices

With your certification, you can provide your customers and your community with proof of your natural farming methods. With your certificate comes the right to use our colorful logo to promote and celebrate your high production standards. Your certification becomes a symbol for your commitment to ecological farming, and provides clear language for how you can describe those practices to others: real food, grown on a local farm, without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. 

Certified Naturally Grown twist ties

2. Qualify for local markets and food co-ops that have high standards

Farmers markets, local grocery stores, and food co-ops nationwide are adopting more rigorous standards for their vendors. A growing number are giving preference to, or requiring their produce, meat and eggs to come from either certified organic or CNG farms. You can view a complete list of those markets in our Markets Directory. If your market is unaware that Certified Naturally Grown is based on organic standards, contact us and we'll provide the information they need to adopt CNG growers into their standards. 

DFW Aquaponics and East Texas Aquaponics are CNG

3. Broaden your network of local, likeminded farmers and beekeepers

Our members take pride in supporting each other and their local food systems during inspections, which are peer reviews conducted by members or other local stakeholders. This is an opportunity for farmer-inspectors to offer advice based on their experience and expertise. (photo above from the East Texas Aquaponics and DFW Aquaponics inspection)

Ajo CSA Banner

4. Take advantage of our affordable Marketing Services for Farmers 

You don't have to be a design pro or know someone who is, in order to stand out at the farmer's market or in your local newspaper. Our design and marketing coordinator, Aly, can write your press release, design your banner and business cards, and create eye-catching postcards, sticker labels, and more for your farm or apiary. The standard design fee is $30, not including the printing service. Email [email protected] for more information. 


5. Be a part of a grassroots effort that reflects your values

Many members choose CNG because we're a certification that stays true to the core values of natural farming, and one that operates as a grassroots effort where every member matters. As a grassroots nonprofit, we offer plenty of opportunities for CNG members' to share their thoughts, offer feedback, and ask questions. What's more, CNG members frequently step up to leadership roles in our organization as board members, CNG ambassadors, local coordinators, and mentors. 


Interested in joining CNG? Apply today! See more details at CNGfarming.org/why_joinApply_Button.png