5 Signs You Might Benefit from Joining Certified Naturally Grown

Posted on March 23, 2018

  1. Telling dozens of customers at the farmers market that you’re “chemical free", "committed to ecological practices", and "just as great as organic” leaves you with a hoarse voice at the end of the day. (photo from Big Lick Farm in Winston, Oregon)

2. You’d like to feature  your commitment to producing food without synthetic chemicals, but somehow the USDA organic certification program doesn’t feel like a good fit. (photo by No Spray Hawaii)

3. You’re more interested in connecting with other farmers and building the movement than filling out mounds of paperwork. Find farms near you on our searchable map. (photo of Levity Farms in Atlanta by Freewheel Farm)

4. Your market manager or food co-op wants verification of your growing practices in order to better promote you at the market or on the store floor. Check out the Guide to Exceptional Markets for those that do. (photo above from Ozark Natural Foods Co-op in Fayetteville, Arkansas)

5. You want to become certified, but with all the startup costs of farming, you have a limited budget. Our membership dues and other program requirements are listed here. (photo above by Peace and Carrots Farm in Chester, NY)