8 Farmers Market Displays That are CNG Proud

Posted on August 16, 2018

An eye-catching display at the farmer's market requires more than beautiful produce and goods, but also effective signage, spatial creativity and artistry. How do you stand out, draw people in, and bring them back week after week? To answer these questions, we draw inspiration from savvy Certified Naturally Grown farmers and producers who are doing just that. It's impossible to highlight every incredible CNG farm stand in one post, so stay tuned for more!

Seeds and Stems Farm

West Broad Farmer's Market, Athens, GA

With a charming illustrated banner, Seeds and Stems Farm stands out and lets their personality shine. The hand-drawn floral theme makes their stand inviting and genuine. (Bonus points for the #CNGproud t-shirt!)

Shady Grove Farm U.P.

Shady Grove Farm UP Certified Naturally Grown

Marquette Farmer's Market, Marquette, Michigan

Educational and interactive displays and sometimes even games are the trademarks of Shady Grove Farm U.P.'s farmer's market display. This mighty productive farm specializes in eggs, fresh produce, sheep, and beautiful clothing made from their sheepswool. The game on the right asks customers to match food terms (like 'organic,' 'Certified Naturally Grown', 'local' and 'GMO') with their definitions. Bonus points for the #CNGproud swag! 

Sweeter Days Farm

Clarkesville Downtown Market, Clarkesville, Tennessee

The multi-talented farmers at Sweeter Days Farm specialize in everything from soil biology, raising vegetables, and fighting hunger, to graphic design and photography. It's no wonder their displays are so stellar! In addition to their mountains of gorgeous vegetables, their easy-to-read chalkboards and hand-made wooden sign reflect their smart, DIY approach. 

Brown Bottle Farm

Oregon City Farmer's Market, Oregon

Brown Bottle Farm takes the art of organizing vegetables to the next level! When you grow so many different varieties, it's no easy task to arrange them and make sure everything has a label. Plus, they employ CNG twist ties to keep those scallions tidy! Customers look forward to this impressive display every week at the Oregon City Farmer's Market. 

Victory Farm

Moscow Farmer's Market, Moscow, Idaho

Every week, Victory Farm films an Instagram video of their astounding market set-up. Small chalkboard signs mark the veggies and their prices, and multi-levels of produce (achieved by stacking wooden crates) affords them more space and creates visual interest.  

Hearts of Harvest Farm

Marietta Square Farmer's Market, Marietta, Georgia

Say it with a retractable banner! Hearts of Harvest Farm's vertical banner is a great way to frame your space at the market and share your farm's message and certification. Plus, it stands out since most producers hang horizontal banners behind them. 

Little Wild Things City Farm

Little Wild Things City Farm
Dupont Circle Farmer's Market, Washington, DC

When you specialize in delicate, live microgreens and edible flowers, packaging becomes very important. Little Wild Things City Farm found an attractive, easy way to do it with custom labels and recyclable plastic containers. The uncovered trays of sprouts are fun and attractive, piquing the curiosity of people passing through this busy market. Colorful chalkboard signs help customers find their way, and with so many exciting things happening on the table, a clean white banner and table cloth provide easy, professional backdrops. 

Whitton Farms

Memphis Farmer's Market, Memphis, Tennessee

Whitton Farms stand at the historic Memphis Farmer's Market is beautifully arranged with inviting, seasonal flowers and an attractive banner. Attractive metal buckets hold bouquets of different prices and sizes, giving folks options. We like that they're arranged at eye (and nose) level!