Land Use Waiver Application

ApiaryTypically CNG apiaries must be located on land that is managed according to CNG standards. However, we have found it appropriate to provide this opportunity to apply for a waiver in recognition that there are some large-scale landholders who find it necessary to use some synthetic inputs in the short term as they work toward greater ecological balance. 

The waiver application will be reviewed by CNG's Apiary Advisory Council. It may be submitted by the beekeeper or by the landowner. CNG may require that this waiver be updated and re-assessed in future years. (Download this information as an editable word document here.)

To apply for a waiver, please provide the following information. 

1. Name and contact information of beekeeper seeking certification

2. Name of landowner and contact information of person knowledgeable about land management practices there

3. Information on what land management practices are not consistent with CNG standards for produce operations. In particular:

  • Are any synthetic chemical herbicides or pesticides used on the land?
  • For what purpose are they used? What pests or weeds are being managed?
  • How frequently are they applied? 
  • At what time of year? What time of day? 
  • Until when is it anticipated that these practices will continue? 

4. Explanation of the landowner’s ecological land management practices*, including any practices that do the following:

  • Restore or improve wildlife habitat,
  • Restore or improve ecological health
  • Conserve water
  • Manage or improve water quality
  • Reduce chemical use to a minimum
  • Engage in outreach and education

The explanation of practices should be specific and, as much as possible, measurable. 

5. The applicant should sign and date the letter.

Return to: Certified Naturally Grown, 540 President St. 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215.