Back to the Roots Restaurant Week

Posted on August 12, 2014

RestaurantLogoBlueText.pngThis September, Certified Naturally Grown will launch Back to the Roots Restaurant Week in cities nationwide. We will feature restaurants that source ingredients from local farms. The chefs at participating restaurants understand that serving local ingredients has two big benefits – it makes their dishes shine and strengthens the area’s farming community. 

bunchone.pngDuring Back to the Roots Restaurant Week, these chefs will extend their support for farmers by contributing a portion of their sales to support the work of Certified Naturally Grown (CNG). 

Why Back to the Roots? Today’s food system is totally out of balance, dominated by big agribusiness, harmful growing methods, and processed foods. To go forward and build a healthy, sustainable food system, we need to go Back to the Roots,

American agriculture has roots in a time when most of our food was sourced locally. Either we produced it ourselves, or we knew who did. If we go back to our roots, we return to an American tradition of knowing where our food comes from. 

bunchtwo.pngReal food has roots. Roots take up nutrients that feed our bodies. If we’re eating real food, we don’t need a corporate laboratory to add them back in for us. 

The good food movement is rooted in community. It grows out of the grassroots actions of diverse groups, each working toward change in their particular place and way. With BTTR Restaurant Weeks, CNG will deepen our relationships with the grassroots groups building the movement in their local communities.

And just like the movement, real food itself is rooted in community. It comes from a farmer, or a fisher, or a baker, or a brewer, or a neighbor’s over-abundant garden. And if we’re lucky, and we treat ourselves to a night out at a good local restaurant, it can come from a chef. 

We will launch our series of Back to the Roots Restaurant Weeks in Saratoga, New York on September 15. Then we’ll move on to Richmond, VA; Seattle, WA; and Knoxville, TN. If you’d like us to take BTTR Restaurant Week to your city or your favorite farm-friendly restaurant, let us know at