Become a Friend of CNG!

Posted on October 25, 2013

Icon_fullcolor.jpgSince CNG was founded, many people have expressed their enthusiasm for what we do. But until now, we haven't offered a way for people be a part of CNG unless they were in need of certification.

This fall, for the first time, all our supporters can be a part of our grassroots initiative as Friends of CNG by giving $15 or more. Friends of CNG will be among the first to be invited to upcoming gatherings, and they'll be informed of other ways to get involved in CNG as local leaders.

We're offering several thank you gifts to show our appreciation for those who become Friends of CNG, including Joel Salatin's new book, "Fields of Farmers" and "The Seed Underground" by Janisse Ray.

Who can be a Friend of CNG? Anyone who agrees to help support our work, whether by choosing to shop from a CNG farmer, contributing funds to our winter outreach efforts, or recommending CNG to people you know. (But to make it official you gotta chip in $15 or more.)

Please join us! Here's how:

A. Visit the Friend of CNG sign-up page on our community site.
B. If you're CNG-certified, please visit the CNG store on our certification site.

Just download and print our Friend of CNG sign-up form. You may mail a check or credit card number.

Our goal is 100 new Friends of CNG by December 31.

Thank you gifts for Friends of CNG

Sustainer $15/month or more ~ Choose a book from list A
Wellspring $250 ~ Choose a book from list A, plus a patch, bumper stickers
Windbreak $130 ~ Choose a book from list B, plus a patch, bumper stickers
Tree $100 ~ Choose a book from list C, plus a patch, bumper stickers
Sapling $50 ~ Colorful embroidered patch, plus bumper stickers
Seedling $30 ~ Two "Who's Your Farmer?" bumper stickers
Sprout $15 ~ "Who's Your Farmer?" bumper sticker

Pollinator: recruit 10 new Friends of CNG* ~ Choose a book from List B, plus a patch, bumper stickers. To help your outreach, download and print these Cards to distribute here or you can have them complete these offline sign-up forms.

Awesome books to build the movement!

List A - Wellspring & Sustainer

List B - Windbreak

List C - Tree

All friends giving $30 or more will receive two bumper stickers, and everyone giving 50 or more will receive a colorful embroidered sew-on patch. Most thank you gifts will ship within one month, likely much sooner. Sustainers' gifts may be sent after the second monthly payment is made. 

* Pollinators you may claim your thank you gift by sending a note to [email protected] with the title of the book you'd like and a list of all the new Friends of CNG you have recruited. If we confirm they have all joined we'll send your gift. If some folks on your list haven't joined yet, we'll let you know so you can follow-up - or look for other Friends!