Certification Forms



All CNG members sign a Declaration annually.

Declaration for Produce & Flowers, Livestock, and/or Apiary certification

Aquaponic Declaration

Mushroom Declaration

Livestock Feed Form - For livestock producers

These should be returned to [email protected] by scan/email. Or they may be mailed or faxed using the contact information on the bottom of the Declaration.

Electronic Declarations

Farmers who have been CNG certified for at least one year may sign at the links below.

Declaration for Produce & Flowers, and/or Livestock certification 

Apiary Declaration

Aquaponic Declaration

Mushroom Declaration


Inspection Forms 

All CNG operations must receive a peer-review inspection annually. Download the inspection worksheets for your certification type/s below. Note, these have signature lines for Community Observers (what's this?)

Produce & Flowers       

   - Maple (supplement to Produce & Flowers Inspection Form)

   - Microgreens (supplement to Produce & Flowers Inspection Form)



Aquaponic Produce     



Marketing Materials Order Form

Order Form to print. Or you may place an order in our online store here

Inspection Guidelines

For Produce & Flowers and Livestock Operations 

For Apiaries

For Aquaponics Operations

For Mushroom Operations 

Remote Inspections Policy