Certification Forms



All CNG members sign a Declaration annually.

- Electronic Declaration

Farmers renewing their certification may sign electronically at the links below.

Declaration for Produce & Flowers, and/or Livestock certification 

Apiary Declaration

Aquaponic Declaration

Mushroom Declaration

- Printed Declaration

First-year members should print their declarations using the links below.

Declaration for Produce & Flowers, Livestock, and/or Apiary certification

Aquaponic Declaration

Mushroom Declaration

Livestock Feed Form - For livestock producers

These should be returned to [email protected] by scan/email. Or they may be mailed or faxed using the contact information on the bottom of the Declaration.


Inspection Forms 

All CNG operations must receive a peer-review inspection annually. Download the inspection worksheets for your certification type/s below. Note, these have signature lines for Community Observers (what's this?)

Produce & Flowers       

   - Maple (supplement to Produce & Flowers Inspection Form)

   - Microgreens (supplement to Produce & Flowers Inspection Form)



Aquaponic Produce     



Marketing Materials Order Form

Order Form to print. Or you may place an order in our online store here

Inspection Guidelines

For Produce & Flowers and Livestock Operations 

For Apiaries

For Aquaponics Operations

For Mushroom Operations 

Remote Inspections Policy