Certification Forms



All CNG members sign a Declaration annually.

Declaration (for Produce, Livestock, Apiary certification)

Aquaponic Declaration

Mushroom Declaration

Livestock Feed Form - For livestock producers


Inspection Forms 

This fall we're piloting our new Produce Inspection 2.0 Worksheets Please use them on your next inspection (for Produce operations only). We welcome your feedback here.

We also list the old format below. Both versions will be accepted, for now, but we expect you'll prefer the new one.

Produce         Maple (supplement to Produce Inspection Form)

Microgreens (supplement to Produce Inspection Form)

Livestock        Apiary         Aquaponic Produce



Community Stakeholder Witness Inspection Forms (what's this?)

Produce         Livestock

Apiary          Aquaponic Produce       Mushroom


Marketing Materials Order Form

Order Form to print. Or you may place an order in our online store here

Inspection Guidelines

For Produce and Livestock Operations 

For Apiaries

For Aquaponics Operations

For Mushroom Operations