Highlight Hard Work - Use #CNGgrit

Posted on September 28, 2016

CNG has a new initiative that aims to capture the grit, determination, and hard work that’s required to succeed at farming. Enough with the pretty landscapes, we want images that depict the real life of a farmer on a daily basis. We'll feature these images on social media with the tag #CNGgrit. Please do the same!



The photos above and below illustrate the kind of images we're going for. These are action shots – farmers at work in the midst of a task, the messier and grittier the better. Heck, they might even be humorous – at least in retrospect!

FullSizeRender_(1).jpgGlossy farming magazines can make farming look so lovely and easy. Let’s fill out the picture a bit, shall we?

Help us tell the story of working farmers and beekeepers. Use the hashtag #CNGgrit whenever you post photos of you and your farm crew hard at work.

We will be looking to share and re-gram your posts!

If you don’t use social media, send your photos to [email protected].  

Customers want to connect with the story of their food. Showing images of all the work it takes to produce helps folks appreciate the value of what they’re getting from their local CNG farmers!