CNG Launches Graphic Design Services

Posted on June 21, 2016


Strager Creek Heritage Farm at the Merriam Farmer's Market in Merriam, KS

For years, CNG farmers have been asking us, "Do you make banners?" We can tell that it's hard for farmers to find the time to design a banner, and the resources to hire a professional! Finally, last fall we were able to deliver. 

With the help of our talented in-house designer, Aly Miller, we are designing customized banners (6'x2') and business cards. We're open to other design projects, too, like postcards and flyers--just let us know!

So far, 5 banners and 3 sets of business cards that CNG has designed are in use at farmer's markets from coast to coast. 

We offer several templates for both banners and business cards that can be customized to include everything you need: the CNG logo, your farm’s logo, your contact info and more! Call or email Aly with the elements you’d like to include, and we’ll send you a draft of what it might look like. When you’re ready, place your order in the CNG Design Services Store. Meanwhile, we’ll design the final version and provide a file to you and/or your local printer. A custom design for your banner or business card is just $30. 

Here are some of the designs we've worked on this spring:



Do you have to be certified to get a banner?
No, you don't have to be certified. The CNG logo can only be featured on certified farmers, however. If you're in the process of becoming certified, we ask you to hold off from using the banner until you're certified.

How long does it take to get a banner?
In some cases, we can have a banner designed and sent off to the printer in 1 day. In other cases, there might be more back-and-forth between us. Aly will be as efficient as possible from the start, asking questions and offering ideas that will guide you in the right direction. Here's a downloadable guide to our 3-step process.

After you're pleased with the design, Aly will send you a high-resolution PDF file, which you can send to your local print shop or upload to an online banner printing service, like VistaPrint or Alternatively, you can ask Aly to put the order through for you. Shipping from these websites takes 4-7 days.

How can I get started?
First, email Aly at [email protected] and let her know what you're interested in ordering--a banner, business cards, or perhaps you have an idea of your own! Then place your order for the design in the Design Services Store. We'll be in touch via email or phone to finalize our design.

Why should I consider getting a banner designed by CNG?
For starters, we're happy to design something for you at a more affordable than most designers (just $30 for each design!). We also understand what both farmers and customers are looking for at the market--designs with character and a sense of place. We look forward to conveying those ideas through your banner and business cards!