Goal: 200 New Applications by April 15

Posted on March 01, 2018

Map of New Applicants

Every member add a member. This was a membership campaign idea suggested to us by a CNG grower, and we're proud to announce that the idea is taking off! 

We're offering a $25 Gift Card to members who refer an applicant to Certified Naturally Grown by April 15. The new applicant can get one too - it's a win-win-win! Please spread the word, and help us reach our goal of 200 by April 15!

Referrals work

As you might have witnessed yourself, word of mouth has always been our most powerful tool. That's exactly how we grew from a small network of farmers in the Hudson Valley into the robust membership that we have today---800 members across Canada, the US and Puerto Rico. But we're not done growing! We envision an even stronger network of CNG growers and a presence in places that need us most.  

Can we make it to 200 new applications by April 15?

With your help, we can! Please recommend CNG to farmers you know, and suggest they apply soon - by April 15 - to take advantage of our $25 Gift Card offer. We are almost half way to our goal, but we need your help to succeed! 

Graph of New Applicants

Tools for Spreading the Word

  • Farmer Brochure - Share a link to this PDF image of our handout that explains CNG, how we're different than organic, and the process of certification. You may request printed copies in the CNG store or by calling the office at 845 687 2058.
  • Gift Card Announcement - Download and print these cute cards to give prospective members. (See image below.) It'll help them remember to apply, and that there's a $25 Gift Card available if they do it by 4/15/18!
  • Our Facebook Posts - We're making it easy for you to participate in the membership campaign by posting images you'll want to share, with links to our campaign pages. 
  • Send an email to a farmer you know! See text below. 

Sample Email Text

Here's some text to share via email. Just copy, paste, and edit to your liking!

I wanted to let you know about Certified Naturally Grown, the grassroots alternative to organic that relies on a peer-review certification model that verifies we farm without synthetic chemicals or GMOs, just like certified organic farmers. CNG maintains high standards, minimal paperwork, and affordable dues. Nearly 800 farms in 47 states and six Canadian provinces participate.

CNG is running a membership drive until April 15. If you apply before then, they'll send you a $25 Gift Card to be used on anything in the CNG store, including dues or marketing materials, once you complete your certification. You can get all the details here at CNGfarming.org/new.

Would you be interested in applying? I've been happy with CNG and would encourage you to check it out. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with me. The staff at CNG are easy to reach too, at 845 687 2058 or [email protected] 

I hope you'll consider it! Gift Card Announcement

Details on the $25 Gift

Our campaign page has all the details on your referral gift and the new applicant's gift. 

Please refer a farmer or beekeeper to CNG! Together we're stronger.