Perks of Joining CNG in the Fall

Posted on November 13, 2017


Photo by Groezinger Produce Farm in Stockton, Illinois

Fall might not seem the time of year for starting something new, when the last summer crops are harvested and many of us hunker down for winter. But farmers who join CNG at this time have several advantages. They start the busy spring season on the right foot, with their certification in the bag. Plus, our late-fall joiners are considered paid through February of 2019 - what a deal!

Late Fall Inspections

Another perk of joining now is that you can have your farm inspected during the slower months. Some folks assume that inspections must take place during the height of the growing season, but in fact, they can be done as late as November or even early December in many places - as long as the soil isn’t frozen. (For more, see Top Tips for a Terrific Inspection.) Or you could get it done in early spring.

Submit a Strong Vendor Application

By getting CNG certified in November, you can obtain the certificate you’ll need if you’re dealing with one of the farmers market managers or food co-ops that require proof of certification from their prospective vendors. (Photo above from Leaning Birch Farm in Broadalbin, NY. See their Certified Naturally Grown certificate in background!)

More Time to Market Your Certification


Photo by Sassafras Hill farm in Barnegat, New Jersey

Plus, you’ll have more tools and time to develop a strong marketing plan before spring. You can order a banner to tout your certification at the market, obtain our colorful twist ties and stickers, or take advantage of CNG’s design services so you’ll have custom labels ready by spring.

Special Offers

For producers who apply by December 31 we’re offering your choice of a free sign once the certification process is complete. Indicate which laminated sign or certificate you’d prefer when you pay your dues (either in the Order Comments field if you pay online, or with a paper note if you pay by check). After you submit an application, you can find the sign choices in our store here. But you'll first need to create a certification account and submit an application, because these signs aren't available to the general public and won't be visible until you take that first step. 

For producers who apply by March 31, we're offering a $25 gift card that's redeemable when you complete your certification. Get details here


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