Farmers and Beekeepers

There are more than 750 CNG certified farmers and beekeepers at the heart of Certified Naturally Grown. They are committed to producing food without synthetic chemicals, in harmony with nature for their local communities. 

Looking for real food? Find CNG farms near you.

Big Lick Farm is Certified Naturally Grown 

Big Lick Farm, Myrtle Creek, OR, CNG Proud since 2010

Eastward Gardens is Certified Naturally Grown 

Eastward Gardens, Hardinsburg, IN, CNG Proud since 2013


Broadfork Farm, Mosely, VA, CNG Proud since 2012 


Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture Ajo, AZ, CNG Proud since 2016

Jennings Apiary is Certified Naturally Grown

Jennings Apiary, Ruston, LA, CNG Proud since 2015

Soul Fire Farm is Certified Naturally Grown

Soul Fire Farm, Petersburg, NY, CNG Proud since 2010 

Heartstrong Farm is Certified Naturally Grown 

Heartstrong Farm, Staley, NC, CNG Proud since 2017

Kneehigh Farm is Certified Naturally Grown

Kneehigh Farm, Pottstown, PA, CNG Proud since 2016