Farmers Markets That Require High Standards with Certification

Posted on October 16, 2017


Many farmers market managers across the country have developed clear guidelines for their vendors, making it easier to promote the market according to a shared set of standards.

Some are responding to customer demand for food grown without synthetic chemicals, and are requiring vendors to verify their growing practices by obtaining a certification, including either Certified Naturally Grown or certified organic, in order to participate. We highlight and celebrate these markets in our Markets Directory.

These markets thrive because they’re providing the best-quality food in the community, and they’re known for it.

The market manager at Athens Farmers Market, Sarah Thurman, shared recently,

“Our Certified Naturally Grown farmers hold each other to strict standards that produce great product! It also helps build a sense of camaraderie and fellowship amongst farmers in the region who benefit from the shared knowledge and mutual support.”

Similarly, market managers notice how farmers who are Certified Naturally Grown garner trust and support from shoppers. Because of their certification, CNG growers can easily communicate their growing practices, and answer questions about how they grow food.

Lauren Carey manages Atlanta's Peachtree Road Farmers Market and has relied on CNG for years.

“Certified Naturally Grown offers a recognized and respected endorsement for our shoppers. As a market manager, I appreciate the transparency of having all the inspections and documents available online.”

Should your farmers market  be listed in our Directory? Let us know! If you'd like to suggest that your market require vendors hold a certification, you might find this flier helpful.

Photo above from Peachtree Road Farmers Market in Atlanta, GA