New #CNGproud Signs for Markets

Posted on February 15, 2018


This spring, we're providing these #CNGproud signs to farmer's markets and food co-ops that have met the criteria to become listed in our Markets Directory. 

We got the idea from an enthusiastic market manager in Washington state. When we listed her market in our Markets Directory (Wenatchee Farmer's Market), she asked if we had a sign to announce their support of CNG farmers. We happily set to work, creating a sign that would look at home at a farmer's market tent or food co-op. With these signs, we want to encourage customers to ask questions, look out for the CNG logo, and, if we're lucky, contribute to the story of #certifiednaturallygrown.  

Does your farmer's market need a sign like this? Let us know by emailing [email protected]

Ways to Spread the Word about CNG to Farmer's Markets and Food Co-ops

1. Share this post with your farmer's market or food co-op.

2. Tell us about your farmer's market or food co-op via this quick form, and we'll be in touch with them immediately.

3. Ask us for promotional materials geared towards local co-ops and markets by emailing [email protected]

OregonFarmersMarket.jpgImage of Umpqua Valley Farmers Market in Rosedale, Oregon. Photo by Barbara Anderson of Wing Shadow Farm.