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Topic Descriptions

Seeds Selection ~  February 8th
This session starts with a short film on Seed Selection featuring Leon Vehaba at Poughkeepsie Farm Project. A short lesson will cover the key factors to consider when choosing varieties to boost your chance of farming success. You'll hear experienced CNG farmers discuss what varieties they've chosen, and why, and what they've learned along the way. Expert Exchange hosted by Sandy Arnold, Cedar Johnson, and Melissa Streng. bios

Weeds Management ~ February 15th
This session will include three films - Weeding at Thread Stage, Tarping, and Hand Tool Ergonomics. We’ll then jump right into the expert exchange where experienced farmers talk about how they approach weed management on their farms. Expert Exchange hosted by Ann Codrington, Kat Johnson, and Christopher Peterson. bios

Pest Management ~ February 22nd
This session will begin with a film on Row Covers and Insect Netting; essential pest management tools on many CNG and organic farms. This will be followed by a short lesson that provides an overview of best practices for ecological pest management, and then jump into the Expert Exchange in which experienced CNG farmers address how they manage the particular pest challenges they face on their farms. Expert Exchange hosted by Chad Gard, Rebekah Rice, and Gwendolyn Washington. bios

Disease Management ~ March 1st
Our focus will be on disease prevention but we will share some images of crops afflicted with disease, since it’s important to recognize disease when it happens. One approach to disease prevention is to manage moisture, so the featured film is on Choosing the Right Drip Tape, and will cover the factors and maths to consider when making your selection. 

Soil Management~ March 8th
The root of a farmer’s success lies in their soil. This session will cover what makes for healthy soil, how to improve soil organic matter, the impact of tilling and the soil food web. The featured film is on Mulching using several different biodegradable materials. Our Expert Exchange will feature experienced farmers discussing the methods they use to improve and maintain the particular soils on their farms. 

Bed Preparation ~ March 15th
This session will cover different approaches to bed prep, what to consider when flipping a bed, and when determining your own method of bed preparation, including the benefits and drawbacks of till and no-till approaches. There will be two featured films for this session: Bed Preparation and Three Ways to Transplant. Our Expert Exchange farmers will talk about their different approaches to bed prep on their farms. 


Film Titles ~ Featured Farmers

Seed Selection ~ Leon Vehaba (2/8)

Weeding at Thread Stage ~ Kat Johnson (2/15)

Tarping ~ Shazana Goff (2/15)

Hand Tool Ergonomics ~ Leon Vehaba (2/15)

Row Covers & Insect Netting ~ Kat Johnson  (2/22)

Drip Tape Selection ~ Leon Vehaba (3/1)

Mulching ~ Shazana Goff (3/8)

Bed Preparation ~ Shazana Goff (3/15)

Three Ways to Transplant ~ Steven Merkel (3/15)


Typical Session Format

(Eastern Time)

4:00 - 4:25 Welcome, Film + Lesson

4:25 - 4:30 Brief Breakouts to Meet Other Participants

4:30 - 5:00 Expert Exchange

5:00 - 5:10 Q&A

5:10 - 5:25 Smaller Group Discussions, Experts + Participants

5:30 Close

5:30 - 6:00 Bonus chat, for informal discussion after we close