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Below we'll provide resources by session topic as they become available, including:

  • Films + Lesson recordings for the upcoming session
  • Recordings of past sessions as they become available

Film + Lesson recording (18:31)

Lesson Slide Deck

Lesson Outline Notes

Session 1 recording (1:05)



3 Films: Weeding at Thread Stage, Tarping, & Hand Tool Ergonomics (11:27)

Weed Management Resources

Session 2 recording (54:33)


Film: Pest Prevention with Row Cover & Insect Netting (5:02)

Lesson: Pest Management recording (17:25)

Lesson Slide Deck

Lesson Outline Notes

Session 3 recording (1:02:57)

Natural Enemies Field Guide (PDF)


Film: Drip Tape Selection + Disease Management Lesson recording (lesson begins at 03:22)

Lesson Slide Deck

Lesson Outline Notes

Session 4 recording (1:02:02)


Film: Mulching (4:06)

Lesson: Soil Management (22:20) recording 

Lesson Slide Deck

Session 5 recording (1:08:55)


Film 1: Bed Preparation (5:15)

Film 2: Three Ways to Transplant (7:39)

Lesson: Bed Preparation (12:54) recording

Lesson Slide Deck

Session 6 recording (1:04:56)

A very warm thanks to our Film Sponsors:
Small Farm Works (Three Ways)
Earth Tools & Ohio Earth Food (Bed Prep)