Flower Farmers of CNG

Posted on July 19, 2018

Hepzibah Farms Proud to Be CNG

Certified Naturally Grown flower farmers fill an important void at the market, raising their blooms locally, and guided by environmental and social health. As Americans become more aware of the unsustainable and unfair labor conditions behind floral imports, producers like the ones below exemplify what sustainable and healthy flower farming looks like. Get to know them here!


Three Porch Farm

Comer, Georgia
This flower and fruit farm is in their 7th year with CNG, and they go above and beyond certification standards in all they do! They are entirely solar powered, and their three farm vehicles run on recycled vegetable oil from local restaurants. "Planet before profit is our operating principal," they share on their website. They're known in the Athens area for their dahlias, ranunculus, and rare blooms, and aside from farming, they run a design studio for weddings and events. 


Hepzibah Farms

Talladega, Alabama
Hepzibah Farms achieved certification in 2015 to "bring awareness to our customers about the importance of growing practices used to produce the food we eat and the flowers we enjoy." They offer a flower CSA that showcases the seasonality of local varieties, and their display is guaranteed to make you smile! They grow ranunculus, anemones, zinnias, cosmos, dahlias, amaranth, lisianthus, millet, marigolds and so much more. 


Gypsy Flower Farm

Poolesville, Maryland
This up-and-coming flower farm is a certified Green Business in Montgomery County (which included CNG in their standards for their Green Business Directory). Founded by the son of a local florist, Gypsy Flower Farm grows seasonal, sustainable flowers and crafts unique arrangements for any occasion. 


Wildcraft Flowers

Sharpsburg, Georgia
Guided by their appreciation for nature, Wildcraft Flowers "maintains an ecosystem of native habitats in order to have a diverse community of insects and animals which help balance pest pressure." They grow a variety of flowers that go beyond what's commercially popular, supplementing their customer's favorites with a stunning collection of seed pods, branches and fruits. 


Blumen Fields Flower Farm

Enderby, British Columbia
This Canadian flower farm is dedicated to the health of their soil and the wildlife surrounding their farm. They grow speciality and heirloom flowers and offer seasonal subscriptions, DIY "buckets of blooms," and wholesale packages to florists and designers. 

Top photo from Hepzibah Farms.