The Future Farmers of CNG

Posted on October 30, 2017


The cutest members of our bunch might be new to farming, but before you know it, they’ll be building rich soil and planting seeds. That’s why we’re devoting this blog post to the babies of CNG--the future farmers of the good food movement.

Farmers Mike and Kelly Younkin always dreamed of making their living through farming. They spent years learning about sustainable farming and discovering how much it resonates with them. Their daughter arrived in September of 2016, right when they started building their dream, a 2-acre vegetable farm with a flock of chickens, called Star Cross Naturals. 

Here they are below, wearing CNG shirts and holding the youngest member of their farm crew.


Mike shared,

“We believe that having families work together at home is the ideal situation, and we look forward to the day that I can quit my full time job and make that happen!”

The Younkins are answering their life’s calling by offering a CSA program for their community and creating habitat for songbirds and wild pollinators. “Our faith calls us to be good stewards of the land and we believe that sustainable farming is the best way to accomplish this.”


Long-time farmers Chris and Jenny Jackson at Jenny Jack Sun Farm, in Pine Mountain, Georgia, just welcomed Tulsi Jane three months ago. Jenny (above, with Tulsi in her farm store) shared,

“So many of our customers have said, ‘growing up on this farm is going to be such a wonderful life for your child.’ We couldn't agree more. We're so happy to share this beautiful life with the precious new person that's joined us.”

You might have noticed our CNG trucker cap model a few months ago. Elizabeth Weller, at Amazing Heart Farm in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania, shared this adorable photo of her daughter when we were looking for examples of farmers wearing our trucker caps. This little one really likes hats!


Elizabeth wrote,

“Reflecting on the summer days that are now behind us, I feel gratitude, so much gratitude. My favorite moments? Hannah beginning to discover and explore the world that she calls home. Bringing with her so much joy. Thriving. Releasing butterflies. Smiling. Learning the names of things that matter. Things like dirt. And rocks. melon.”

Social media helps us keep in touch with our members and their day to day rhythms. These stories of families and little ones makes us feel even more connected, and brings yet greater vibrancy to our organization. Thank you for sharing!

Photos at top from Jenny Jack Sun Farm and Elizabeth Weller of Amazing Heart Farm.