Letter to CNG Farmers in Georgia

January 26, 2018

I hope your year is off to a great start! Things are humming along nicely here at CNG. 

I'd like to organize some gatherings for CNG farmers in Georgia in late February. This is the very first time we've been able to do something like this, and Georgia is the place we'll start, as it remains the state with the most CNG farms - by far! A big thanks to Southern SARE for providing financial support for these gatherings. 

We will use the time to check in, get updates on the latest happenings at CNG, and discuss our evolving plans for Inspections 2.0. In particular, we will "test-drive" our updated (draft) Produce Inspection Worksheets.

Please indicate your availability and interest by responding to the survey which I'll share in a separate email. I will also invite your suggestions for meeting venues.

Currently, I'm considering organizing three gatherings in three locations, on three different days. It may be too much to manage, but if there's interest, I will do it! I really want there to be broad engagement in this process, and figured more choices would mean more folks attend. So I'm considering...

Potential locations:

- Atlanta 
- Athens/Athens Area
- Another location, possibly Cumming, north of Atlanta

On these days:

- Saturday, February 24
- Sunday, February 25
- Monday, February 26

But I need to know

a) Will enough people attend?
b) What are the spaces in each location that could host a meeting of 10-20 farmers? 

So I'm asking for your input on a survey, which I'll send in a separate email. 

Also, I have almost confirmed that this gathering will happen:

CNG Farmer Gathering to Discuss Inspections 2.0
Sunday, February 18th - 1pm
In Hephzibah - Just outside Augusta (where the Georgia Organics Conference will conclude the day before)

Interested in attending one of these possible gatherings? Can you recommend a spot for us to meet? Please let me know by clicking the link to the survey in a separate email I just sent.

Your replies will help determine the dates and locations of these gatherings - and whether they will happen at all!

Thanks in advance for your engagement in this important inquiry. 




Alice Varon, Executive Director
Certified Naturally Grown
Certification for farmers, not corporate conglomerates
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