Details on A Gathering of the Farmers

March 8, 2014  

Wilson College Science Center
1015 Philadelphia Ave
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Tickets Available at the Door. Online Sales Closed.
Half-price/half-day tickets at door @ 3pm $15, for Rev. Billy & Bonfire, Chili, Cider. 

Registration and Coffee - 8:00 AM

Introductions and Networking - 8:45 AM

Welcome and Short Takes on Real Farm Life - 9:30 AM

Each Short Take about Real Farm life will be only six minutes long, and will be accompanied by 20 pictures. This is a great way to hear from a bunch of different farmers in a short period of time. Presenters are listed on the Short Takes page. See more on our Facebook event page

Keynote by Brian Snyder - 11:30 AM


Brian Snyder is Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and also the FoodRoutes Network LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PASA that runs the Buy Fresh Buy Local®program nationally. PASA is one of the largest sustainable farming organizations in the country, with over 6,000 mostly farmer members and more than 30,000 total participants.  

He also serves currently as President of the Pennsylvania State Council of Farm Organizations, which represents the entire agricultural community in the state. Brian holds two masters degrees, from Harvard (Theological Studies) and UMass/Amherst (Business Administration), and serves on a variety of boards and other task forces around the state and country.  His after-hours passions are gardening, cooking and writing, and he maintains a personal blog called Write to Farm, which can be found at

Lunch - Noon

We will facilitate lunchtime networking and assign topics for some tables. Topics will be based on the morning's program.

Workshops - 1:30 PM

Darci Sanner: Sustaining and Restoring the Honey Bees

Darci3.jpgAs a sustainable beekeeper of 5 years and a Certified Naturally Grown member since 2010, Darci of Summer Smiles Honey Farm gives an introduction to honey bees and some of the reasons why this crucial population is in decline. As the title suggests, though, Darci ends on a hopeful note while focusing on what we can specifically do to restore honey bee colonies. Darci hosted a PASA Field day in 2013. 

Scott Mann: Permaculture 101

This workshop will be an introductory conversation about the system of ecological Scott.jpg
design known as Permaculture, including it's history, foundational ideas, and how people are using it to build a better world. The brief lecture will be followed by a question and answer session for participants to learn more about using permaculture to meet their individual needs. 
Scott teaches environmental education and permaculture from his home in Dauphin, Pennsylvania. He produces The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann. 

Elaine Lemmon: Keeping Good Farm Records

Elaine.pngElaine is owner and operator of Everblossom Farm, a year round certified organic farm in Adams County. In addition to providing high quality produce to regional businesses, Elaine also operates a CSA and sells at farmers markets. Today, she leads a workshop focusing on maintaining good farm records based on a wealth of knowledge that’s backed by experience.

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir - 4:00 PMRevBillyChoir.JPG

We're proud to present this group of beautiful earth radicals, singing, preaching, and intervening for change. From their Statement of Belief - "Corporate Commercialism has sped up to a roar, virtually unopposed. Consumerism is normalized in the mind of the average person, sometimes we even refer to ourselves as consumers forgetting that we are also citizens, humans, men, women, animals. We forget that we share many resources, public spaces, libraries, information, history... Above all we try to complexify the moment of purchase, to snap people out their hypnosis and back into the mystery of being human. We remind people that things come from somewhere, that products have a resource past... Someone made It, and It is made of something, we trace the route a product took to get on the shelf, the life it might have when we throw it away. We animate the objects that surround us and in so doing we re-animate ourselves. We become citizens again...Remember children... Love is a Gift Economy! —  Rev." 

From their History - "We use theatrical forms to build a surprisingly moving, powerful critique of economic systems and environmental practices and instill a sense of responsibility in our audiences, leading them to simple actions they can take immediately... and others that require more work and cooperativity." In 2014 Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir will turn their attention to the corporate producers and financiers of pollinator-killing neonicotinoids (Bayer, Monsanto, Vanguard and BlackRock). 

Bonfire, Pots of Chili (meat & veg), Cider, Hootenanny - 6:00 PMhootenannysign.jpg

At Fulton Farm, on the edge of campus. Hootenanny! We'll have Virginia Masland on fiddle accompanied by Trevor Wire of Tuckahoe Ridge on banjo. Looks like we'll also be joined by Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir!

bonfire.jpgIf you're musical, bring your instruments and voice. Everyone else, bring ears and good cheer. BYOB.