Starting a Network

Want to help build your local network but not sure where to start? This package of materials will help you get well on your way.

1. Reflect on what you’re ready to take on.
Click here for some important things to consider before you start.

2. Bring people together for the first event.
Here are some ideas to help make sure it's a success.

3. Come with some ideas of your own,
and be ready to
 hear those of others.
Click here for examples of discussion prompts to get thoughts flowing.

4. Set some realistic goals.
Choose activities to take on in the short and long term. It's often helpful to start with small projects to build trust and momentum before moving on to larger goals. Here's a list of examples of activities.

5. Divide up the responsibilities.
It's critical that everyone is on the same page about who is responsible for doing what, and if/how they will be compensated.

6. Make it happen
It can take some effort to keep up the momentum, but it’s worth it!