Gift Coupon Details

GrowCNGQuotes_Allen_-_The_future_of_ag....jpgGift coupons can be used toward purchase of some fantastic new books (Foodopoly, Farms with a Future, The Seed Underground, The Organic Seed Grower and more), bumperstickers, sew-on embroidered CNG patches, or The Handbook for Natural Beekeeping

Referring people may use their coupon code and this Order Form. Newly certified farms will be given a different Order Form that also includes these marketing materials.

You'll receive a coupon code for every eligible* new farm that you referred to CNG. If you ARE one of those new farms then you can submit a coupon with your order.



*Eligible new farm = farmer applied before May 15 and after April 21, the application was accepted, they returned their membership dues and signed 2013 Declaration along with the gift coupon you're about to print and give to them with your name on it! :) Beekeepers may be considered an eligible new farm if they pay the farm member dues of $110 or more (though we welcome beekeepers to join CNG with smaller dues payments). Your gift code for each farm referred will be sent to you once these conditions have been met by the new farm.