Glynwood Farm, Dave Llewellyn, New York

Posted on May 13, 2013

NY-Glynwood-Dave_Llewellyn_on_tractor-cropped.jpgGlynwood Farm in Cold Spring, NY is part of a larger nonprofit with a big mission - saving farming in the Northeast. The farm itself "expresses Glynwood's mission by testing, innovating, and demonstrating sustainable agricultural practices, while growing food for our community," and training the next generation of farmers. The veggies for their 130-member CSA and market stand come from the 6.5 most tillable acres of the steep and rocky 225 acres that make up the farm. The rest is devoted to the pasture-based livestock program and woodlands. We caught up with Dave Llewellyn (CSA Manager and Director of Farmer Training) at a particularly busy time of year; his responses may be short in words, but not in substance. 

How long have you been farming? since 2000

Who farms with you, if anyone? Jarret Nelson, Assistant CSA Manager and our wonderful apprentices.

Briefly describe Glynwood, and the work it does.  Glynwood’s mission is to save farming by strengthening farm communities and regional food systems. Our goal is for small- and mid-sized farmers to thrive, on the land and in the marketplace.

What do you produce? veggie CSA; grass-based livestock

What are your markets? CSA; farmers market; on-site farm store

Why did you get involved with CNG? It is a great option for a farm that does a lot of direct marketing.


You work some with horses. Can you say a little about that? I got started with horses in 2001. My horse Maggie is a 25 yr old Belgian/Morgan cross. I don't have a team right now. Maggie does light work in some of our smaller plots, pulling a walk-behind cultivator that we use for some seed-bed prep, cultivating, and stale-seed bedding. The bulk of our veggie operation is mechanized, but I like giving our apprentices the opportunity to get their feet wet in working with horses. 

Working with horses is great, but you can't store a horse in the garage for the winter. You've got to really love horses to go horse powered. I love the quiet grace in working with horses, but I also like being able to hop on the tractor and prep several acres quickly.

Favorite farm tool - the dibbler 

[A dibbler is a simple tool with long rounded projections that make spaced holes for transplants or seeds. There are dibblers for seeding flats and rolling dibblers for the field. See photos

Favorite vegetable - carrots

NY-Glynwood-transplants.jpgWhat's something you learned the hard way on the farm? 
Irrigation systems and design

How do you include customers in your farming operation?  CNG certification!

If you could magically change one thing about our food system, what would it be? I'd have HMOs give rebates for CSA shares

What plans or hopes do you have for your farm? A farm business incubator!


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