Handbook for Natural Beekeeping, 3rd Edition

Posted on June 07, 2017

HB CoverMany beekeepers turn to CNG's apiary certification standards for guidance on natural beekeeping. This spring we published the third edition of our Handbook for Natural Beekeeping, a handy booklet presenting these standards, including the latest updates. 

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The updated standards include new guidelines for treatment of Varroa Mites. In particular, they allow a beekeeper to treat the entire apiary without determining that each individual colony within the apiary has surpassed the treatment threshold. Previously it was required that treatments are only administered to individual colonies that have mite loads that surpass the local treatment threshold. However, current best practices recognize that, given the porousness of the colonies, the "organism" to be treated is the entire colony. Treating individual colonies within an apiary isn't an effective approach to Varroa management. 

CNG standards require that beekeepers keep the treatments to the minimum number required to be effective, using only allowed treatments. We recommend the use of vaporized oxalic acid when little to no brood is present. 

Find all the updates to CNG Apiary Standards detailed on this page.

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