Help us Earn a Gift

Posted on December 28, 2017


Certified Naturally Grown isn't just another label. 

We are a grassroots organization. Our funding comes primarily from the farmers and beekeepers who participate in our certification programs. That revenue covers almost all our expenses, but not quite. 

This year we have a generous donor who believes deeply in our work and wants to see us end the year strong with support from our community. They have already made a nice contribution, but are willing to make another. 

Will you chip in to help us earn this gift? Your donation of $50, $100, or $150 will speed us toward that goal. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 


If you have appreciated all that we do, and what CNG stands for, now is the time to show your support! These additional funds are needed to power our work through the lean winter months. 

Please chip in to our Matched Gift Fund here

Other options. CNG producers also have the option to contribute to the Matched Gift Fund in the online store when paying dues and/or ordering marketing materials. (This option requires that you login to your certification account. The advantage is that the payment will be included in your order history in your certification account.) Prefer to mail a check? Send it to CNG, 540 President Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Prefer to call and make payment over the phone? Ring us at 845 687 2058.

Thank you so much for helping us take advantage of this special opportunity. We hope to hear from you soon!