Huge Help for Hemp Growers in New York

Posted on October 02, 2017



With the help of new legislation, New York State will expand its hemp production to 2000 acres, up by 6000% this year--from just 30 acres in 2016. Research and production of industrial hemp statewide will get a big boost, making New York one of many states to support this re-emerging crop.

New York’s legislation eliminates the cap that the State placed in 2015 on the number of sites authorized to grow hemp, and expands the program to include farmers and businesses. Specifically, the program will provide up to $5 million in research grants, and $5 million in capital grants to industrial hemp producers to cover construction and equipment costs related to the processing of industrial hemp.

This plan is inline with the nationwide trend of states recognizing the huge possibilities that hemp presents for rural economies, job growth, and sustainability.

The Facts on Hemp Production

Hemp can be legally grown in 31 states.

16,417 acres of industrial hemp are currently in cultivation.

Retail sales of hemp products was $688 million in 2016.

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Why Hemp Thrives in New York

According to the Industrial Hemp Research Initiative, “New York State, with its highly productive soils and ample water supply, is an ideal location to capitalize on the emerging industrial hemp industry.” We’ve seen how hemp thrives in Colorado: Homestead Organics in Franktown, southeast of Denver, is the first majority-hemp farmer to join CNG.


Hemp seed grown at Homestead Organics in Colorado

How to Apply for Hemp Grants

Farmers and business owners can apply to be a Research Partner in the Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program until November 22, 2017. Research partners will be reimbursed for seed, which will be provided by Cornell, and other expenses related to planting, harvesting, and complying with Cornell’s protocols and reporting requirements.

We know other states are starting to appreciate the great potential for hemp. What’s happening where you are? Let us know if your state is funding opportunities for farmers interested in hemp production. Use the red Contact Us button on this page.

And if you know any sustainable hemp growers, point them our way! We’re excited to help pioneering hemp farmers market their ecological growing practices.