How to Build a Farmspread Profile

Posted on March 29, 2018

Farmspread and CNG

Farmers and artisanal food producers can dramatically boost their online visibility by creating a free profile at Farmspread. This new online tool offers a robust farmers market management platform that also enables producers to thrive at famers markets and other direct-sales channels. With Farmspread’s advanced SEO - that's the fancy technical stuff that gets you noticed in online searches - vendors can be easily found by markets and consumers searching for foods grown within a particular locality or region. 

What's more, they partnered with us to help Certified Naturally Grown producers stand out by presenting CNG as a certification option on their online platform.

Benefits to Farmers

  • Farmers who set up Farmspread profiles can easily find and apply to markets looking for vendors with their particular products or certifications, and visa versa.
  • This spring, Farmspread will give participating vendors the option to offer online sales. This feature includes online reservations for pick-up at markets as well as direct farm-to-customer sales. It's a great way to facilitate connections with bulk buyers like local restaurants and distributors!

How to get startedSilverMapleFarmspread

1. Begin your Farmspread profile by clicking here

2. Describe your farm and enter your social media accounts. 

3. Upload your farm's logo, if you have one. Or, just upload the CNG logo.

4. If your operation is Certified Naturally Grown, be sure to take full credit for it and click the toggle button to indicate the CNG logo on your profile. The other certification options are American Grassfed or certified organic. 

CNG Toggle

It's as simple as that! Now your Farmspread profile will appear in Google searches when potential customers are looking for local food in your region. 


Add Your Products

You have the option to use your Farmspread page to advertise your farm's products. That way anyone can quickly discover what you produce, and where to find it. It can be convenient to share your Farmspread product page with customers or restaurant clients. Here's an example from Give and Grow Mushrooms in Baltimore. 

Add Your Market

You can name your markets when setting up your profile. Creating a basic market profile is free, but markets may want to take advantage of some of the services Farmspread offers, like self-configurable online vendor applications, a completely integrated billing system, messaging, and variety of website widgets to help integrate the market’s website. It helps market managers identify the vendors needed to create an optimal balance of vendors to attract the most customers.