Join the CNG Membership Campaign!

Posted on February 15, 2018

EveryMember.pngWith the onset of spring, many farmers are considering their certification options. And when one news report after another shows how the organic program has become co-opted by corporate interests, more farmers are seeking an alternative. We want to be sure they seriously consider CNG certification.

Interest in CNG continues to grow. Our members are renewing at a great clip - more than 230 in the past seven days! And we're fielding a bumper crop of new candidates; a whopping 78 new applications for CNG certification have been submitted since the end of 2017.

We believe there are thousands of farmers who would be a good fit for CNG, so we're developing a membership drive to help CNG reach its full potential. Our spring goal is to field an additional 122 new applications, for a total of 200 by April 15. This is ambitious, but we can achieve it, particularly if you and other CNG producers reach out to farmers you know and encourage them to apply. 

To entice your participation in this campaign, we're offering you a $25 Gift Card for every new member you refer. We'll also have a Gift Card for the new members who apply by April 15, once they complete their certification. The gift cards can be used on anything in the CNG store, including design services, certification dues, or marketing materials.  

Will you help us reach our goal and introduce farmers you know to CNG?

Please register your participation here. Registration helps ensure you get credit for the new members you refer, and enables us to gauge member involvement.

Our campaign page has details on the $25 Gift Card and provides support materials to power your outreach.


As a CNG producer, you are in a unique position to connect with others who are good candidates for CNG certification. Your experience with the process gives you credibility. That's why we've launched our "every member add a member" campaign. It will continue throughout the year, beyond this spring drive, with a fairly self-explanatory goal. 

We'll complement your outreach with our own in-house initiatives like cultivating news stories, developing partnerships that enhance the value of CNG membership, and reaching out directly to new farming communities. 

Nearly every day we get feedback from farmers who express gratitude that there's an alternative to USDA organic. We know we offer something special, but we need your help to reach the thousands more farmers who would participate if only they knew about CNG, or had the chance to talk with a CNG producer.

Will you join our campaign? Please let us know here. Thank you!