Late SpringNews from Your Grassroots Certification: Featuring Black farmers of CNG & Our 84 Newly-Certified Members

Posted on June 29, 2020

Special Focus This Quarter: Black Farmers of CNG

The current moment has us looking closely at what role Certified Naturally Grown can play to help overcome racial inequity, particularly within our farming and food systems. Our inquiry is in the early stages, but in the spirit of elevating Black voices, this Harvest Quarterly is dedicated to featuring some of the Black CNG farmers we are proud to have in our community, plus the usual task of welcoming our latest crop of newly-certified members. The other content we had originally intended to share here can wait, and will be included in our next monthly update, in our Naturally Grown News. (Sign up here to get our updates delivered to your inbox.)

A Whopping 84 Newly-Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

Not everyone who applies to CNG qualifies to complete the certification process. So we are delighted to welcome and congratulate the 84 producers who achieved this distinction since the end of February, including bumper crops from Georgia and Virginia, with 14 and 8 new members from each respectively. Read more to see all of our newly-certified producers listed below alphabetically by state and province. 

Alaska Farm Fresh​, ​AK Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm​, ​ID Ahmic Lake Apiaries​, ​ON
Bain Home Gardens​, ​AL Growing Solutions Farm​, ​IL Broken Gate Farm​, ​OR
Bill's Berry Farm, AR BroxonBerry, IN Fat Cat Farm​, ​OR
Half Moon Farm​, ​AR Loftus Organics, IN Indigo Gardens​, ​OR
Hatch Farm LLC​, ​AR EM+EM Honey Farm, IN Juniper Layne Farm​, ​OR
Price's Farm​, ​AR Too Tall Farm​, ​LA Rugged Cross Farm​, ​OR
Rosehill Homestead​, ​AR Flower Hill at Osamequin Farm​, ​MA ShahTe' Gardens​, ​OR
Give Back Greens​, ​CA Broomes Island Produce Farm​, ​MD Glen Meadow Farm​, ​PA
Myriad Ranch​, ​CA Crated Earth Farm​, ​MI Grass Roots Farm​, ​PA
Homestead Organics​, ​CO Fisheye Farms​, ​MI McCormick Farm LLC​, ​PA
Push N Daisies, CO Hickory Creek Lavender Farm​, ​MI  
The Peoples Bees​, ​CO
Silver Creek Gardens​, ​MI Swartz's Roadside Stand​, ​PA
Happy Sams Acres Farm, CT
TheLowCashHomestead​, ​MO Midwest Fresh Produce​, ​SK
Berrie’s Bees & Blooms, DE
Southern Plow Farm, MS Clean Genes Farm​, ​TN
Leonard Farm​, ​NC Eco-Rich Farms​, ​TN
Earth Dog Flowers, GA
Make Do Farm​, ​NC Poynter Family Farm, TN
Edengate Farm Llc​, ​GA Mountainwise Farm, NC Gentlesoll Farm​, ​TX
Faithful Springs Farm​, ​GA Root Bottom Farm, NC Leafers microgreens​, ​TX
GreenWay Gardens LLC​, ​GA
Hometownmicrogreens​, ​NJ Chatham Flower Farm​, ​VA
HEMI Blueberry Farm​, ​GA
Sissiboo Organics​, ​NS Commonwealth Bee Company​, ​VA
Ivy Rose Farm​, ​GA
Big Rock Farm​, ​NY Harvest Table Farm​, ​VA
Maple Park Homestead, GA
Fiddlehead Farm​, ​NY Midsommar Farm, LLC​, ​VA
Molly's Micros LLC., ​GA F​leck's Farm​, ​NY Root and Marrow​, ​VA
Radiant Acres Farm And Garden​, ​GA GrimLocke Farms​, ​NY Seedling Source​, ​VA
Rivendell Farm​, ​GA
Hugick Farms​, ​NY Willow Moon Farm, VA
Snapfinger Farm​, ​GA
Sweet Land Farm​, ​NY Woodside Farms​, ​VA
Sweet Valley Farmstead​, ​GA
Lilli Bean Green, OH Green Leaf Farms​, ​WI
War Family Farm​, ​GA
Roothouse Aquaponics​, ​OH Capon Bridge Medicinal Herb CSA​, ​WV
GreenStems Farm, IA
The Huffman Family Farm, OK  

To find all the Certified Naturally Grown producers near you, just enter your zip code on our searchable map here.

Know someone who should be listed? Send them this link!

Featuring Four Black Farmers of the Certified Naturally Grown Community

We are sharing here the stories of four Black farmers we are proud to have in the CNG community. Find links to each full story below.

Six Generations at Bugg Farm

The roots run deep at Bugg Farm, where Addis Bugg Junior is the sixth generation on his family farm in the western Georgia hamlet of Pine Mountain. His great great great grandfather T.J. was brought to the land as a slave, and worked hard to purchase 1,000 acres after emancipation. Addis shares his family's story here

Celebrating Belizean Roots at Nisani Farm

Nisani Farm celebrates the legacy of Belizean women farmers, a history that Ann Codrington continues on her farm in central Virginia. The name of her farm embodies that history -- "nisani" means "our daughter" in the Garifuna language of Belize. Read our interview with her here! 


Debra Lockard's Third Generation Family Farm

At Lockard's Produce, Debra Lockard farms the same land that her parents and grandparents took care of. Today, Debra feeds the community in many ways--mentoring young farmers, teaching young growers, and of course, growing nutrient-dense food. Read more here.

Olaniyi Balogun Transplanted his Passion for Farming from Nigeria to Maryland

You can see the hard work and pride that goes into Dodo Farms just by looking at their farmstand at the Crossroads Farmers Market in Takoma Park, Maryland. There you'll see Olaniyi Balogun brimming with passion for farming, a pursuit he brought with him from Nigeria in 2016. Head here to read his story.Congratulations to These 84 Newly-Certified Farmers and Beekeepers