Q&A with our New Member Services Coordinator, Lindsey Jo Smith

Posted on July 27, 2016


Meet Lindsey Jo Smith, our newest member of the Certified Naturally Grown staff. Born and raised in South Texas, she comes to us with a huge interest in local food and sustainable farming. Here's an interview between our marketing specialist, Aly Miller, and Lindsey Jo. 

AM: Tell us about your new role here at Certified Naturally Grown, and when you started working here.

LJ: I'm the Membership Services Coordinator, which means I am your point person for questions about the program requirements and how to get certified. I started working here in May, just about 2 months ago. 

AM: Where are you from, and how did you land in Brooklyn, NY?

LJ: I grew up in a small town in South Texas. In college, I studied sustainable ("green") architecture at Texas A&M University, which definitely sparked my interest in sustainability. After graduating, I moved here 10 years ago for an internship in sustainable architecture. 

I battled with my want to "fix" the world and how to reach a broader audience, so I decided to go to the root of sustainable issues, something that would reach everyone in their homes--their food! It seems like a small step, but it can have a much larger impact than trying to convince people to up-cycle their used flooring.

AM: How did you shift from architecture to working within the local food system?

LJ: Well, I grew up raising cattle and hogs and chickens, so we had a little homestead. I tried working in architecture and art, but my heart was still in food systems and sustainability. About a year ago, I moved to Austin to live and work on an organic farm. The program was called FarmerStarter through FarmShare Austin. It was a learning program where we did farm work and learned in a formal classroom setting. I decided there that I would not abandon my passion for sustainable agriculture again! When I returned to New York, I decided I would find my fit in an urban setting, where my skills and my heart lie.


AM: How did you hear about CNG?

LJ: I heard about CNG after I moved back from Texas. I started working with urban farms as an educator here in NYC, at Queens Farm and then with City Growers at Brooklyn Grange. I made connections with the urban farm community and heard about CNG through them.

AM: What do you like to do in your spare time?

LJ: I bake quite a bit. I also hang out with my dog a lot. I also enjoy reading up on sustainability and sustainable and urban agriculture!

AM: Are you growing anything right now?

LJ: I have a small community garden plot. I farm naturally--all of the seeds I purchase are organic, and all of my starters are organic. I pluck all of the bugs and slugs out by hand! It's a tiny little way for me to supplement my diet with local produce, and it's extremely therapeutic.