Farming is a knowledge intensive occupation. It can also be quite isolating. Having a farmers network makes it easier to tap into the collective knowledge and resources that exist in farming communities.

Each network is unique - defined by  the farmers who participate and the challenges they face. Some are loosely organized while others are more structured. Networks can include monthly potluck dinners and farm tours, bulk orders of supplies, joint marketing, multi-farm CSAs, and more.

We developed the resources below to help you get started or to connect you to an existing network and make it even better.

Local Farmers Networks 101 
Not quite sure what we mean by 'local farmers network'? Click here for an overview as well as examples of projects that a network might take on. 

Registry of Local Farmer Networks 
If you're looking to connect to a network, check out our Registry to find one near you. (Do you have a local network that's not listed? Tell us about it!)

Interested in starting a network?
No network near you? Start your own! Here are some resources to help you start off on the right foot, including a step-by-step guide.

Whether you're just starting out or are looking to strengthen your network, these tips will be useful to you.  

Voices from the field 
We interviewed people involved with all sorts of farmer networks to find out what they do and how it works. Read their stories.