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Rural Roots (Idaho and Washington)
We seek to support and enhance sustainable and organic agriculture and local food networks in Idaho and the Inland Northwest. Our goals are:

-Enhance the economic viability of sustainable and organic farms, ranches and communities throughout Idaho and the Inland Northwest.
-Encourage the production and consumption of sustainably produced local foods.
-Develop relationships, strengthen networks and increase collaboration between producers, consumers, food and agricultural organizations/agencies and policy makers.

Current programs include (1) Cultiviating success: sustainable small farms education; (2) food safety on the farm workshops; (3) Planning for profit online course. Contact: Amanda Snyder, Board Secretary, at, and visit our

Women Farmers Network (Palouse region)
March 8th, 2013 we had our first meeting to form a Steering Committee to develop a Women Farmer Network in the Palouse region. Farmer networks can be organized in a variety of ways, including regularly planned meetings that could include farm tours, book clubs, film screenings, skill-building sessions, potlucks, workshops, and more. Contact: Amanda Snyder, or 208-882-0253



Montana Sustainable Growers Union
We are a group of local farmers who all farm within a 75 mile radius of Missoula and market in the state. We formed the Montana Sustainable Growers’ Union in the fall of 2005. We have twice yearly meetings and annual farmer-to-farmer visits. These events help us meet our goals of education and cooperation among group members. All members share the responsibilities of holding offices and paying dues. In order to encourage small producers to join the Growers’ Union, we maintain an inclusive and educational philosophy. Contact: visit our website, and like us on Facebook



Central Oregon Food Policy Council
Our mission is to secure the future of the local food system in Central Oregon. Core values: Access - health food access; Advocacy - land use and public policy advocacy; Action - networks and knowledge sharing. We strive to lead the effort to achieve a sustainable and just food system in Central Oregon. Contact: Gary Bishop, Bishop Farms, and visit website

Thrive (Rogue Valley, southwestern Oregon)
THRIVE helps create a more prosperous and sustainable Rogue Valley economy. We are dedicated to: (1) Diversifying and deepening the local economy, (2) Supporting family farmers and other locally owned businesses in becoming more sustainable, (3) Preserving farm land and the unique character of the Rogue Valley, and (4) Educating businesses and consumers about sustainable food and business practices

We host an online farmers market; publish a local food guide called Rogue Flavor"; host networking gatherings for farmers, chefs and retailers; and partner with other organization to support the South Oregon Farmer Incubator program that offers training in things ranging from agriculture theory to business planning. Contact: Wendy Siporen (Executive Director), Becky Brown (Outreach Coordinator), or Kristen Lyon (Market Manager) at 541-488-7272 and visit our website at

Rogue Farm Corps
Rogue Farm Corps exists to create hands-on educational programs to train the next generation of farmers and land stewards, to support our cooperative agricultural economy and serve as a model for other communities. Contact: Stuart O’Neill, Executive Director, 541.951.5105, stu (at)

The League of Women Farmers (southern Oregon) *One of OSU's Women Farmer Networks
The League of Women Farmers provides women farmers with opportunities for business networking, expanding knowledge, and socializing in a supportive, open environment. The League of Women Farmers was the first of OSU's Women Farmer Networks. It began in October of 2007 and since then they have hosted welding classes, pruning workshops, and seed exchanges- always accompanied by a delicous potluck.  Contact: Coordinators Tracy Harding  ( or Maud Powel (, call the southern Oregion Small Farms Program at (541)776-7371 ext 208. Follow the network on Facebook.

Willamette Women's Farm Network (central and southern Willamette Valley) *One of OSU's Women Farmer Networks
We are a community of women from central and southern Willamette Valley of Oregon, that are actively engaged in farm and ranch activities. We join together to further our knowledge of farm and ranch related issues both in the market place and in agricultural practices. We are working together to enhance our economic self-sufficiency through shared experience, resources, and visions of how our farm work will impact ourselves and our community. We will provide each member a safe, supportive environment and opportunity to learn safety and lawful practices regarding farming/ranching that promotes responsibility, profitability and conservation of the land.

The WWFN started in November 2008. We keep in touch through an e-mail list-serv and gather together for hands-on learning, farm walks, knowledge sharing, and socializing. One of our highlighted events was a tractor safety and driving training held in the summer of 2010. Contact: Coordinators, Jennie Cramer (, or Melissa Fery ( or call (541) 766-3553. Follow the network on Facebook.

North Willamette Women Farmer Network *One of OSU's Women Farmer Networks
This is the newest of the Women Farmer Networks. The network began forming in the winter of 2010. If you are a female farmer in the region please join us! Contact: Kristin Pool (

"Producers' Working Groups" of Gorge Grown (Columbia Gorge region)
Gorge Grown supports several groups of farmers and ranchers engaged in building communities of practice called producer working groups. These are informal gatherings of farmers and ranchers that come together to share information on common challenges and find collaborative solutions to regional problems. Working groups are centered loosely on different agricultural products and are meant to serve as a supportive space that allows for networking, resource-sharing, and cooperation on larger projects. The end goal in facilitating producer working groups is to create self-sustaining informal associations that equip growers with knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed.

We partner with other organizations to support the following working groups: Latino Farmers, Niche Meat, Organic Tree Fruit, Vegetable. Coming soon we’ll also introduce Value-added, Beans and Small Grains, and No-Till Wheat. Contact: Michelle McGrath., and visit our website



Washington Young Farmers Coalition
We are a grassroots organization both for and by  young & beginning farmers in Washington state. We seek to create statewide agrarian revival by offering unique social and educational events, enabling access to critical resources, and fostering a strong community of allies. We work to encourage socializing, networking, and skill sharing among young farmers and their mentors. Furthermore, we strive to raise awareness about issues and barriers facing young farmers, and to compile resources relevant to current and prospective farmers. Contact: email, join our listserve, visit our website, and like us on Facebook



WAGON - Wyoming AG Ownership Network
WAGON (Wyoming AG Ownership Network) links veteran farmers and ranchers with young people wanting to get a start in production agriculture. Just as every farm and ranch is unique, so too is the course of action that each WAGON participant will follow. The program utilizes several cooperating agricultural and lending agencies to provide beginning farmers and ranchers with financial assistance, mentorship and educational opportunities to become successful operators. For more information visit our websiteContact: Scott Keith, 307.259.3274,



*Don't see your network listed? We want to hear about it! Tell us all about your network here.