Our Brand-New Print Newsletter About Certified Naturally Grown Farmers

Posted on November 16, 2018

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

Sustainable Organic Alternative Newsletter

We're proud to announce that we just sent out the first-ever edition of our print newsletter, Growing Above and Beyond! Read on for a sneak peek at the articles, and learn how to snag your very own copy.

Our print newsletter is exclusively for folks who have donated to Certified Naturally Grown in recent years, and features behind-the-scenes stories about member farmers and beekeepers.

We talked with Addis Bugg Jr. and Sr. about their farm that's been in the family since 1874, and found out how Bohlayer's Orchards made the switch from conventional to CNG. We revealed the surprising results of our number crunching on which states sent CNG the most newly certified farmers in 2018. And we shared how peer inspections conveyed innovative solutions to tough problems. We also discovered important connections between Pine Ridge Apiaries' wildflowers and Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op's busy shelves.

Are you curious to learn the full story? It's not too late to get your copy!

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We're proud of our new publication, and we look forward to sending a fresh copy to your mailbox! For any questions about your issue, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]