2022 Summer Harvest Quarterly

Certified Naturally Grown

Welcome to Our 75 Newly-Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

Newly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers


Rising Tide Farm, AK

Love Light Farm, AL

Red Rooster Farm, AR

Common Ground Farm Collective, AZ

Arize Farm Botanicals, CO

Falcon Microgreens Ltd, CO

Root Rock Farm, CO

Everoak Farm, FL

D&B Farm And Livestock, GA

Hall's Homestead & Gardens, GA

Nevaeh Seniah, GA

Peach House Farm, GA

Robinson Heritage Farm, GA

Troublesome Creek Farm, GA


Kauai Specialtea, Tropicals and Spice, HI

The Garden Aisle, HI

Middle Way Farm, IA

Rhubarb Botanicals, IA

Ribier Gardens, ID

All Seasons Farm, IL

Primordia Foods, IL

Rustic Road Farm, IL

Green Fins, IN

Turkeyfoot Farm, IN

Kankakee Valley Homestead, IN

Broken Road Farm, KY 

Good Dog Farm, MD

Masterpiece Flowers, MD

Bass Root Farm, MI

McSpadden Farms, MI

Hinterland Farm and Kitchen, MI

Serenity Microgreens Farm, MI

SolFed Farm, MN

Essentially Well Acres, MO

Golden View Farm, MO

Bethesda Farming NC, NC

Clay Fish Farm, NC

FootHills Farm And Apiary, NC

Garden Window Farm, NC

Rierson Farms NC

Wild Scallions Farm, NC

Willow Oak Flower Farm, NC

Harmonia Organic Homestead, NS

Petals and Pages Flower Farm, NV

Astor Apiaries, NY

Common Hands Farm, NY

Enchanted Acres, NY

Queens County Farm Museum, NY

Under the Sun Honey & Grace Apiaries, NY

Valentines Farm, NY

Wet Wood Farm, OH

Wild Lark Farm, OK

Concession Road Garden, ON

Earthmother Farm, ON

Jones Family Greens, ON

JTs Artsy Breeze, ON

Kind Organics Inc, ON

Blackbranch Farm, PA

Demicco's Honey, PA

Solidago Farm, PA

Gracious Farm, SC

Grace Farm, TN

Harpeth Moon Farm, TN

Little Hill Farm, TN

Ooha Sol Farm, TX

Allegheny Mountain Institute Farm at Augusta Health, VA

Kat The Farmer, VA

Shine Farms, VA

Thor Mountain, VA

WoodBox Farm, VA

Historic Stratton Farm, WA

January Farms, WI

Regeneration Farm, WI

Peasants Parcel, WV

Newly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

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Branching Out: A New Film + Discussion Series

Team CNG has produced a new set of educational films aimed at equipping farmers who want to expand their product offerings. Branching Outa film and discussion series featuring several CNG farmers from around the country, will launch in September.

Each film explores a different farm product to consider adding to your operation: 

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Introducing our First Cohort of Senior Inspectors

Over the winter and early spring a group of experienced Certified Naturally Grown farmers completed more than eight hours of lessons and practical assessments designed to further strengthen their skills delivering peer-review inspections. 

They took quizzes, role-played real life examples, observed inspections, and conducted them remotely under the observation and review of other CNG farmers and staff. And they did amazing! 

We are very pleased to announce our first cohort of newly certified Senior Inspectors. 


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Accepting Applications for Filmed Farmer Teachers

Certified Naturally Grown is developing another set of video lessons for farmers using ecological practices. We seek experienced farmers who are comfortable speaking in front of a camera and working collaboratively to develop a script. 

We seek to hire two or three farmers for this role. They will be filmed by a small crew on their farms as they provide instruction on farming practices that relate to the selected topic(s). Preference will be given to farmers who have earned the Certified Naturally Grown designation, but other farmers with relevant talent and expertise will be seriously considered. More info at CNGfarming.org/jobs

We're_Hiring!.pngClick here to learn more

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2022 Spring Harvest Quarterly

Certified Naturally Grown

blue dots

Welcome to Our 38 Newly-Certified Farmers and BeekeepersNewly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

Grow NWA​,​ AR
Awareness Ranch​,​ AZ
Valley Organics​,​ CA
Vesolaya Gardens​,​ CA
Good Steward Farms​,​ CO
Autumn Harvest Orchard, CT
Liepold Pond Farm​,​ CT
Harvest Grove Microgreens​,​ GA
Jim's Backyard Plants, GA

Lazy Summer Farm​,​ GA
Old Dial Road Farm, GA
Hawaii Green Earth, HI
Heritage Hogs Hawaii​,​ HI
Wood Valley Ranch​,​ HI
Two Hands Farm​,​ ME
Shubert Family Homestead​, MI
Tortoise & Hare Farm,​​ MI
Good Fight Flowers​,​ NC
Heritage Hills Farm, NC
Psycho Chicken Eco Farm​,​ NC

Zephyr Family Farm​,​ NC
Beavers Produce​,​ NE
DaisyFields Farm​,​ NJ
Tanglefoot Farm​,​ OK
Cornerstone Organics, Ontario
Mindful Mushrooms​,​ OR
SunCatcher Farms​,​ OR
Blackbranch Farm​,​ PA
Hickory Run Homestead, PA
Eat Your Greens!, TX
Bee Haven Farm & Apiary,​ VA
Green Planet Farms, VA
Rivenwood Gardens, VA
Shine Farms, VA
Yonderyear Farm, VA
Js Grass Fed Garden, VT
Bright Thread Farm, WA
Eldur Heron Farm​,​ WA
Hidden Penny Farm, WA

Newly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

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Do You Actually Know How to do a Peer-Review Inspection with Impact?

Peer Review Class

Peer inspections are at the heart of our certification process, and a top reason farmers are drawn to CNG. For several years we have been evolving our distinct approach, to maximize the value it offers.

Last fall we combined two somewhat recent innovations to create a third:            ROI icon

Observed Inspections (2019)
Remote Inspections (2020)
Remote Observed Inspections (2021).                 

Our first Remote Observed Inspections (ROIs) were intended to help newer CNG members (observers) learn from more experienced farmers how to conduct a peer-review inspection. They were surprisingly well-received, as we reported here. Yet we also saw how these ROIs could be even more valuable, with a bit more guidance for the Senior Remote Inspectors (SRIs) conducting them. We also realized we'd need many more SRIs in order to host more ROIs, and offer enough observer seats to satisfy interested members. So this winter, we developed a new educational offering. 

CNG's new Peer-Review Training teaches the fundamentals of what it takes to conduct a robust peer-review inspection. At the heart of the training is a two hour class, short videos, and a series of quizzes based on the class and two Study Guides. Farmers who complete these elements may enter the final stage: receiving a practical assessment with individual feedback, observing an ROI, and then ultimately conducting an ROI and debriefing afterwards.

While the training was initially designed for developing Senior Remote Inspectors, the curriculum will be used for the benefit of all CNG producers, and the class will be offered again to a broader swath of the CNG membership later this year. But already we've accomplished so much.

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Dedicated Weeks to Feature Special Crops and the CNG Farmers Who Grow Them


We have always been proud to feature Certified Naturally Grown producers growing high-quality food for their local communities. This spring we’re going to take it up a notch with full weeks dedicated to particular types of Certified Naturally Grown crops and the members who produce them. First up was Microgreens Week which just wrapped last week. Click the images to check out the farmers, facts and fun we featured.

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Announcing New Podcast Partnership With Collaborative Farming, No Till Growers

Collab Farming + CNG Logo + earbudsThis month we launched an exciting new partnership with No-Till Growers, a family of podcasts for the market grower focused on a holistic approach to soil health and successful farming. In particular, CNG is supporting The Collaborative Farming Podcast for the next 10 episodes. This podcast series is dedicated to multi-owner farms and cooperative farming models.

Be sure to give them a listen wherever you get your podcasts! Find them on Instagram here: The Collaborative Farming Podcast and No-Till Growers 

Free Signs for Smart Farmers Who Apply Now

Is this on your To Do list?


Act soon, and get a speedy reply, plus 3 Free Signs once your farm is certified!



3 Steps



Be ready for opening day at the farmers market!

These and other marketing materials such as twist ties, logo stickers, and canvas banners are available exclusively to Certified Naturally Grown producers in our online store. 

GoFarm Hosts CNG Workshop

Calling Front Range farmers and food hubs! We're partnering up with our friends at GoFarm to put on a free CNG workshop where you can learn the ins and outs of certification and find out if CNG's right for your farm!

We'll eat dinner together, network, and then get into the details of CNG certification. You'll learn all about our grassroots certification program, including in-depth explanations of our standards, the benefits of certification, and how to get certified. Then we'll have a Q&A session to dig into your specific questions! 

Mark your calendars and RSVP for this fun, informative workshop!

Any questions about CNG or the event? Want to host a CNG workshop with your organization? Interested in our other educational offerings for farmer training programs?

Reach out to [email protected]