5 Veteran Farmers Growing Sustainable Food for Their Local Communities

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

Organic Alternative Vegetable Farmers

To enter a career in the armed forces, you're going to need a bushel of stamina, agility, and faith. Farming isn't too different - it's certainly not for the faint of heart, and it calls for a diverse skillset you won't often find in civilian jobs. Here are just some of our valued veteran Certified Naturally Grown farmers who have extended their public service after returning home from the military. This Veteran's Day, join us in expressing gratitude for the their work as they continue to protect our land, our waterways, and our health with their CNG crops.

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We’re Growing! Hello New CNG Staff

New Sustainable Certified Naturally Grown Employees


Just like many CNG farms, Certified Naturally Grown runs a tight ship to keep our grassroots certification program thriving. We’re proud to announce the addition of three new teammates. Following the departure of Hannah and Ariel, our staff has recently grown from four to a whopping five people! As the farm season starts to wind down, our busy season approaches. We look forward to connecting with you during the winter months!

Read on to meet the new faces joining Alice and Aly at CNG:

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Thank you, Hannah! We'll Miss You


If you applied for certification between 2011-2018, it was Hannah who walked you through the application process, offering advice and answering questions about CNG standards every step of the way. In fact, she reviewed more than 2,000 applications during her time with CNG! She also helped to draft standards for new CNG certification programs in both aquaponics and mushroom production. More recently she helped to revise our inspection worksheets to provide more guidance on best practices, as part of our Inspections 2.0 initiative.

After serving as our certification specialist for six years, Hannah is leaving CNG to dive deeper into her PhD thesis on the history of natural resources management in Minneapolis. In celebration of our longest-serving staff person (other than our director!), we interviewed Hannah about her experience here at CNG and the aspects of the job that she'll never forget. We won't forget you, either, Hannah! Thanks for all you've done. 

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Autumn News from Your Grassroots Certification: 76 New Farmers and More

Certified Naturally Grown
As Halloween and the holidays approach, we're celebrating a bumper crop of 76 newly certified farmers and beekeepers. Check the list below to see if a farmer you know is among them! For those who join CNG as a sustaining Friend, we're have new hand-designed canvas market totes. Read more below!

Fall Farm Mulch

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Light the LAMP in The Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill is moving into conference – a time when the House and Senate attempt to reconcile the differences in each of their drafts to pass a final, unified bill. When it comes to growing our nation’s local and regional food economies, the Senate version of the Farm Bill comes out as the clear winner. The Senate’s bill lights the way forward for a brighter food and farm future by including a $60-million-per-year investment in local food systems through the innovative Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP). We need to ensure LAMP makes it into the final Farm Bill.


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8 Farmers Market Displays That are CNG Proud

An eye-catching display at the farmer's market requires more than beautiful produce and goods, but also effective signage, spatial creativity and artistry. How do you stand out, draw people in, and bring them back week after week? To answer these questions, we draw inspiration from savvy Certified Naturally Grown farmers and producers who are doing just that. It's impossible to highlight every incredible CNG farm stand in one post, so stay tuned for more!

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4 Easy Ways to Share Recipes With Your Customers

How to Share Recipes

As a farmer with dozens of varieties of unique, colorful vegetables at the market every week, you're probably asked for cooking advice all the time. If it's too busy at your market to fully answer these questions, you might want to consider including recipes on your website or in your email newsletters! Here are four examples of CNG farmers are doing just that--let their work inspire you!

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Flower Farmers of CNG

Hepzibah Farms Proud to Be CNG

Certified Naturally Grown flower farmers fill an important void at the market, raising their blooms locally, and guided by environmental and social health. As Americans become more aware of the unsustainable and unfair labor conditions behind floral imports, producers like the ones below exemplify what sustainable and healthy flower farming looks like. Get to know them here!

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Certified Naturally Grown Canvas Bags are Here!

CNG Canvas Bag

At last, we have produced the perfect Market Tote for our supporters, made of recycled cotton canvas, and featuring a hand-drawn design by Aly Miller. 

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7 Types of Inspectors for Certified Naturally Grown Peer-Reviews

Certified Naturally Grown-Gypsy Flower Farm

It's a common misconception that CNG members must only rely on another CNG producer to complete their annual peer-review. While we'd love to have so many participants that there's always a CNG-er within an hour's drive, for many, the nearest CNG farm is a couple hours away or more. This post reports on the full variety of inspector-options available to members. 

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