5 Key Benefits of Joining Certified Naturally Grown

Little Wild Things Farm is Certified Naturally Grown

Busy farmers and beekeepers know that maintaining a certification on top of everything else that comes up on a farm can be a challenge. That's why Certified Naturally Grown offers real, tangible benefits to local food producers that go beyond the certificate. (photo above from Little Wild Things City Farm in Washington, DC)

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How to Build a Farmspread Profile

Farmspread and CNG

Farmers and artisanal food producers can dramatically boost their online visibility by creating a free profile at Farmspread. This new online tool offers a robust farmers market management platform that also enables producers to thrive at famers markets and other direct-sales channels. With Farmspread’s advanced SEO - that's the fancy technical stuff that gets you noticed in online searches - vendors can be easily found by markets and consumers searching for foods grown within a particular locality or region. 

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5 Signs You Might Benefit from Joining Certified Naturally Grown

  1. Telling dozens of customers at the farmers market that you’re “chemical free", "committed to ecological practices", and "just as great as organic” leaves you with a hoarse voice at the end of the day. (photo from Big Lick Farm in Winston, Oregon)

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Montgomery County, MD Uses CNG Standards to Recognize Sustainable Farms

Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm CNGLast week, community leaders in Montgomery County, Maryland expanded their Green Business Directory to include Certified Naturally Grown and USDA organic farms. The most populated county in Maryland, and one that borders Washington, DC, Montgomery County makes it easy for residents to discover a variety of ecologically-minded services, restaurants, nonprofits, and now, farms and gardens. 

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Winter 2018 Newsletter

CNG Newsletter
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We have news about our new membership campaign, our partnership with FarmSpread, our first business allies, and perks for market managers who refer farmers to CNG.

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Farmspread Partners with Certified Naturally Grown

FarmSpreadWe are pleased to announce a new partnership with Farmspreada comprehensive farmers market management platform, which will enable farmers to feature their Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) status on their Farmspread vendor profile page. 

Farmspread was created to promote direct sales of farm and artisan products while supporting the expansion of alternative food distribution channels such as farmers markets. Our partnership with Farmspread promises to boost the online presence of CNG producers who choose to participate, and introduce our certifications to many new local food enthusiasts and the farmers who feed them. 

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Goal: 200 New Applications by April 15

Map of New Applicants

Every member add a member. This was a membership campaign idea suggested to us by a CNG grower, and we're proud to announce that the idea is taking off! 

We're offering a $25 Gift Card to members who refer an applicant to Certified Naturally Grown by April 15. The new applicant can get one too - it's a win-win-win! Please spread the word, and help us reach our goal of 200 by April 15!

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Join the CNG Membership Campaign!

EveryMember.pngWith the onset of spring, many farmers are considering their certification options. And when one news report after another shows how the organic program has become co-opted by corporate interests, more farmers are seeking an alternative. We want to be sure they seriously consider CNG certification.

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New #CNGproud Signs for Markets


This spring, we're providing these #CNGproud signs to farmer's markets and food co-ops that have met the criteria to become listed in our Markets Directory. 

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Market Management Software for Farmers Market Managers


When we released the news a few weeks ago that ManageMyMarket created ways for CNG growers to become more visible and searchable on farmers market websites, we wondered, what other tools are out there for farmers market managers? 

Our search led us to a few leaders in the farmers market game: FarmSpread and MarketWurks, in addition to ManageMyMarket. (photo above is from Umpqua Valley Farmers Market in Roseburg, Oregon, and features Big Lick Farm)

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