Spotlight on Mushroom Growers Who Joined CNG this Winter


Photo from Fat Top Farm

Mushrooms are full of nutrients are are delicious to eat, but few conscientious eaters know how they’re grown or where they come from. These magnificent fungi behave so differently from plants that they needed a separate certification, and Certified Naturally Grown was ready to fill the gap. Since launching our Mushroom Certification in 2016, we’ve certified several mushroom producers from coast to coast. Here’s an update on the mushroom growers of CNG and what they’re up to.

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ManageMyMarket Adds CNG to Vendor Applications


Photo from Broad Wing Farm at Umpqua Valley Farmers Market in Roseburg, Oregon.

Hundreds of Certified Naturally Grown farmers participate in farmers markets that utilize the MangeMyMarket software for vendor registration, sales, invoices and reports, but until recently, it wasn’t possible for them to select their certification when registering as a vendor or creating their online profiles. We’re thrilled to announce that in January of this year, ManageMyMarket decided to offer Certified Naturally Grown as one of two sustainable designations (the other is Organic) in their vendor application! 

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Make the Most of Your Certification This Winter


It’s true, there really is no “slow” season on a farm. But for some, winter is the ideal time to enhance your marketing game. Make the most of your CNG certification by taking these steps:

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The Newest Food Co-ops to Join our Directory


Growing numbers of food co-ops and independent grocers are highlighting that they provide food sourced from Certified Naturally Grown farms. (photo from Food Conspiracy Co-op in Tucson, AZ)

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Help us Earn a Gift


Certified Naturally Grown isn't just another label. 

We are a grassroots organization. Our funding comes primarily from the farmers and beekeepers who participate in our certification programs. That revenue covers almost all our expenses, but not quite. 

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Welcoming 12 New Farmers Markets to our Markets Directory


Photo from Oregon City Farmers Market

This fall, we’ve been in conversation with over 50 market managers about what steps they could take to be listed in the Markets Directory that we created in order to feature and thank the markets and grocers that support CNG producers in their area.

Many managers have shared with us that Certified Naturally Grown makes a big difference to their vendors and customers

We're pleased to announce that the following twelve farmers markets have recently qualified to be added to our directory:

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5 of the Best Beekeeping Podcasts


Whether you’re curious about bees or an experienced beekeeper, these podcasts provide insight for folks at all levels of experience. They cover pollination, bee health and a range of beekeeping approaches. Each show encourages sustainable, DIY techniques that put the health of bees and pollinators first. (Photo above from Jennings Apiary in Ruston, Louisiana)

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Certified Naturally Grown Christmas Trees: an Eco-Friendly Way to Celebrate


 Photo from Chris Delaney of Santa Rosa Ranch. 

Consumers are becoming more aware of the ecological impacts of popular holiday traditions like Thanksgiving turkeys, pumpkins, and Christmas Trees. Over the years we’ve been delighted when reporters call us to ask about Certified Naturally Grown Christmas trees. This year, we’re proud to feature two--Licking Creek Bend Farm in Needmore, Pennsylvania and Santa Rosa Ranch in Barriere, British Columbia.

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

The Harvest Quarterly will arrive once every few months. Enjoy it while it's fresh! If you're not already signed up for our newsletters, you can do so here.

We have news about the markets and food co-ops that prefer CNG, the USDA postponement of the NOP Livestock Standards, our fun new T-shirt designs, and the perks for new members who join CNG in the fall. 

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Improvements to NOP Livestock Standards Delayed Again


Defenders of the organic program were dealt another blow last Monday when the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it would postpone - yet again - the implementation of higher animal welfare standards. These improved guidelines were the result of a concerted effort by organic leaders, and followed thousands of public comments demanding tightened standards that would at last put a stop to factory farms taking advantage of the organic label.

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