Perks of Joining CNG in the Fall


Photo by Groezinger Produce Farm in Stockton, Illinois

Fall might not seem the time of year for starting something new, when the last summer crops are harvested and many of us hunker down for winter. But farmers who join CNG at this time have several advantages. They start the busy spring season on the right foot, with their certification in the bag. Plus, our late-fall joiners are considered paid through February of 2019 - what a deal!

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The Future Farmers of CNG


The cutest members of our bunch might be new to farming, but before you know it, they’ll be building rich soil and planting seeds. That’s why we’re devoting this blog post to the babies of CNG--the future farmers of the good food movement.

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Different Reasons, One Certification


Our 750+ members come from all walks of life. They are a mix of lifelong farmers, veterans, educators, cancer survivors, office workers, nurses, doctors, artisans, and beginning agriculturalists. For the many farmers and beekeepers of Certified Naturally Grown, the decision to renew their CNG certification year after year is rooted in their values, identity, and market needs. 

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Farmers Markets That Require High Standards with Certification


Many farmers market managers across the country have developed clear guidelines for their vendors, making it easier to promote the market according to a shared set of standards.

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Spotlight on Certified Naturally Grown Mushroom Growers


Aside from being delicious and packed with nutrients, mushrooms play an incredible role in soil and forest ecology, and hold powerful medicinal properties that consumers are seeking. To assist the sustainable farmers who grow this delicious and healing food, we worked with experts to craft rigorous production standards and launched our mushroom certification in 2016.

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Huge Help for Hemp Growers in New York



With the help of new legislation, New York State will expand its hemp production to 2000 acres, up by 6000% this year--from just 30 acres in 2016. Research and production of industrial hemp statewide will get a big boost, making New York one of many states to support this re-emerging crop.

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How to Host a Fundraiser Party


Fundraiser parties are so fun to attend, but they seem like a ton of work to pull off. As someone who supports a number of local food and community-grown initiatives, I’ve thought about throwing a casual fundraiser myself, but I thought I'd need a lot of money and time to make it happen. Recently, I went to an event that completely changed my mind--the fundraiser party was completely homegrown, low-maintenance, low-cost, and most of all, fun. It made me wonder, could members and friends of CNG do something like this, too? To answer this question, I followed-up with the inspiring host, Erika Inwald, of the Domestic Fair Trade Association.

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The Hemp Farmers of Certified Naturally Grown


Now that farmers in 39 states can grow hemp commercially or for research, we’re seeing more farms adding hemp to their mix of crops. We’re pleased to include hemp in our produce certification, and we welcome Homestead Organics (above) as the first majority-hemp producer to join Certified Naturally Grown.  

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Food Co-ops and Independent Grocers that Prefer CNG


Food Co-ops and farmers markets are key partners in building a more sustainable local and regional food system. They source from local producers and make it easier to keep money in the local economy while getting quality food at good prices.

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What's the Buzz About Hemp?


Hemp farming has become legal again in 31 states in the US, with more farmers expecting to grow it in the near future. Looking back at the history of hemp farming and its diverse sustainable uses today, it’s exciting to see how this crop might once again play valuable roles in our economy, our environment, and health. Photo from Dr. Bronners Instagram.

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