FilmOrganic Helps Certified Naturally Grown Grow


Farmers win when new technologies lighten their work load while improving crops and soils at the same time. So we're happy to introduce FilmOrganic, offering a full line of biodegradable mulch films for producers looking to boost yields, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve efficiency. 

We spoke with co-founder Roger Tambay to learn how the company was founded on a commitment to farmers' success and ecological sustainability. Welcome to the CNG Business Allies community, FiilmOrganic!


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Reedy Fork Organic Farm & Feed Mill Helps Certified Naturally Grown Grow!

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator


We know good organic feed can be hard to find. If you're in the south, particularly North Carolina, Reedy Fork Farm has you covered. They're not only a grain mill, but raise their own livestock as well, so they know the business. 

We spoke with Melissa Blanchard to learn more of the rich history of this local institution, and how it's evolved into a premier organic grain supplier. Welcome to the CNG Business Allies community, Reedy Fork Farm!

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How 4G Soil Restoration Helps Certified Naturally Grown Grow!

4G_Garden.pngThis garden thrived during a season of drought with a boost from 4G Soil Solutions

4G Soil Restoration is a Business Ally of Certified Naturally Grown with an unlikely history. Their chief product is a soil amendment that improves microbial activity, which in turn boosts crop resilience, quality, and abundance.

We spoke with one of the company's representatives, Tom Wafford, to get the inside story on how the evolution of their product arose from a seemingly unrelated industry.  

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Sign-On to Support Agriculture's Climate Solutions

We are working to bring together farmer and rancher voices on climate issues. As federal leaders discuss how to address greater weather extremes, agriculture needs to be part of the conversation. We urge you to join farmers from around the country as we call on members of Congress and USDA leaders support farmers and ranchers in addressing a changing climate.

"We the undersigned farmers and ranchers, write to express our deep concerns about climate change impacts on agriculture in the United States and to call for solutions that invest in our rural and agricultural communities."

Please take a moment to sign on here

Certified Naturally Grown is a proud member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), which will use this letter in meetings with members of Congress, USDA program leaders, and other key decision-makers to urge effective policy action to combat climate change, and especially to help farmers and ranchers weather the storm and lead the way towards a more sustainable future.


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Easy Digging Garden Tools Helps Certified Naturally Grown Grow!

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

Easy Digging Farm Tools

Farming doesn't have to break your back, especially with the wonderful world of tools available in 2020.

Easy Digging Garden Tools offers a vast array of tough-working tools to help you get the job done, while supporting your health the whole way through. They are also a Business Ally of Certified Naturally Grown!

The company was created to sell unique garden, farm, and digging tools from around the world. They specialize in garden hoes, including the grub hoe, grape hoe, and fork hoe. Easy Digging also offers seeders, planters, shovels, spades, trenching tools, broadforks, and more.
Founder Greg Baka is a long-time gardener who also happens to be an engineer, which means that quality, usefulness, ergonomics, and design are important tenets of his work.

We interviewed Greg to learn more about his philosophies for tools, and how he supports direct-market farmers every day. Welcome to the CNG Business Allies community, Easy Digging Garden Tools!

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Dailey's Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors Helps Certified Naturally Grown Grow!

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

BCS 853 Diesel with 60\A beautiful day for a BCS at Dailey's Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors

Dailey's Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors is a Business Ally of Certified Naturally Grown that also happens to be the the second largest two-wheel tractor dealer in USA!

The Tennessee company offers lifetime support for the vast inventory they sell, plus deeply discounted everyday pricing. If you're local, you're also welcome to swing by the farm to try the equipment before you buy.

We spoke with Founder Richard Dailey to learn the story behind his work, and how he supports direct-market farmers every day. Welcome to the CNG Business Allies community, Dailey's Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors!

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CleBer/Oggún Helps Certified Naturally Grown Grow!

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

Allis G Oggun Cleber Open Source TractorKayla Clark, former apprentice with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS), was all smiles on Oggún

You've likely heard of the tractor disrupting the industry: it's called "Oggún."

CleBer's Oggún Iron Horse tractor is an open-source, modern replica of the Allis G that's revolutionizing farming around the globe. The company is also a Business Ally of Certified Naturally Grown!

This modern cousin of the Allis Chalmers Model G incorporates new features such as hydrostatic transmission, 3-point hitch, zero-turn radius, and an optional PTO. It's great for bed preparation, mowing, transplanting, and cultivating.

The tractor is designed specifically for small-scale, direct-market farms. It can be built with off-the-shelf parts that can be purchased from multiple vendors. The tractor's Open System Manufacturing (OSM) model means the CleBer/Oggún gives the design and parts lists to all customers. The simple technology means that a mechanic with a basic understanding of tractor service can execute repairs.

We spoke with Founder Horace Clemmons to learn the story behind this innovative tractor, and what's ahead for the game-changing company. Welcome to the CNG Business Allies community, CleBer/Oggún!

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Now Available: CNG Members Post For Free On Good Food Jobs

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

We're proud to share a brand new perk of the Certified Naturally Grown membership!

CNG farms can now post an unlimited number of jobs for free on Good Food Jobs.

With a unique-to-CNG offer code, CNG members will save at least $60 when posting on GFJ.

This special code is valid through February 16, 2021, but it's only available to CNG members.

If you're already certified and want to take advantage of this offer, drop a note to to get the secret code.

Note: if you're not ready to hire staff for your farm, Good Food Jobs also offers listings for:

- Internships/apprenticeships

- Summer jobs

- Educational opportunities

- Americorps

- Positions with non-monetary compensation, including college credit

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Celebrating 100+ Markets in Our Guide To Exceptional Markets!

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

We are overjoyed to announce that there are now over 100 markets listed in our Guide to Exceptional Markets (GEMs)!

In fact, the majority of states in the US now have markets listed in this highly selective roster!

We're proud to promote qualified GEMs markets around the country - including these five recently-added listings that helped us surpass 100:

GreenStar Cooperative in Ithaca, NY
Crossroads Farmers Market in Takoma Park, MD
Lake Saint Louis Farmers & Artists Market in Wentzville, MO
Memphis Farmers Market in Memphis, TN
Schenectady Greenmarket in Schenectady, NY

If you're new to the sparkling world of GEMs, let us introduce you: these are the farmers markets, coops, and independent grocers that have made a conscious effort to recognize and prefer the farmer vendors who verify their growing practices with a certification. In turn, Certified Naturally Grown qualifies, applauds, and rewards these markets that are building a better food system by encouraging ecological practices.

Find a listing of all the GEMs markets across the US and Canada here!

Our Guide has three tiers: Recognized, Preferred, and Required. Each tier offers exciting benefits for the markets that make the cut, including social media promotion, a free press release, a dedicated blog post, stacks of temporary tattoos, and more.

You're invited to check out the full benefits package. We're open and interested in other collaborations we can think up together!

Does your neighborhood market feature certified vendors?

If there's at least one CNG farmer, let us know!

We would be delighted if it qualifies, and will happily add it to our GEMs listing.

Farmers, you're especially invited to recommend your market for our GEMs guide! You'll be making sure your market gets as much promotion as possible with the help of the marketing perks that come with being listed in GEMs.

Just click the button below to #PitchYourMarket!

Upcoming GEMs Webinars

Want to learn more about our Guide to Exceptional Markets? Wondering if your market is a good fit?

Register for an upcoming GEMs webinar lead by CNG's Executive Director. The webinar will wrap up with a Q&A session.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
1pm Eastern / noon Central / 10am Pacific
Click here to register

If this time don't work for you, register for future invitations here.

Top photo: Flowers from Whitton Farms at Memphis Farmers Market (L) and cabbage at Dodo Farms (top R) at Crossroads Farmers Market (bottom L) helped grow our GEMs guide to 100+ listings!

3 New Videos About Certified Naturally Grown!

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

We are so excited to share a fresh series of videos about the Certified Naturally Grown community!

With extraordinary editing and videography help from Steve Merkel of Vegetable Power Farm in Pennsylvania, along with a handful of other outstanding CNG producers, we've compiled videos of different lengths to share what Certified Naturally Grown is all about: peer-review certification, ecological practices, transparency, and advocacy.

They're a great resource to introduce your community to our grassroots group and share your pride to be a part of this participatory certification.

Can you help us share these clips throughout your network?

  • Share the videos on Facebook to tell your community you're #CNGproud
  • Embed the videos on your website to introduce your customers and others to your certification
    • When watching on, click the SHARE button on the lower right side of the video screens then click Embed to copy and paste the code for your site. Email us if you have any questions about this process, as it's a bit high-tech (but very effective!). 
  • Share the video links by email or text message with farmers who would be a good fit for the CNG community, or anyone else who's new to Certified Naturally Grown: your farmers market manager, your CSA members, your employees, your local faith leader, your mother-in-law, your get the idea!
  • Email us to receive the raw video files to share as Instagram posts

Endless thanks to the following producers who poured their time, energy, and enthusiasm into creating their community-sourced footage for these clips:
A Gardens Glory, FL
Bee Boys, HI
Caribe United Farm, GA
J and L Farm & Stables, GA
New Way Aquaponic Farms, TN
Tooth of the Lion Farm and Apothecary, PA
Valhalla Organics, OR
Vegetable Power Farm, PA

You can watch all of the videos after the jump.

Don't forget to share!

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