4 Easy Ways to Share Recipes With Your Customers

How to Share Recipes

As a farmer with dozens of varieties of unique, colorful vegetables at the market every week, you're probably asked for cooking advice all the time. If it's too busy at your market to fully answer these questions, you might want to consider including recipes on your website or in your email newsletters! Here are four examples of CNG farmers are doing just that--let their work inspire you!

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Flower Farmers of CNG

Hepzibah Farms Proud to Be CNG

Certified Naturally Grown flower farmers fill an important void at the market, raising their blooms locally, and guided by environmental and social health. As Americans become more aware of the unsustainable and unfair labor conditions behind floral imports, producers like the ones below exemplify what sustainable and healthy flower farming looks like. Get to know them here!

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Certified Naturally Grown Canvas Bags are Here!

CNG Canvas Bag

At last, we have produced the perfect Market Tote for our supporters, made of recycled cotton canvas, and featuring a hand-drawn design by Aly Miller. 

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7 Types of Inspectors for Certified Naturally Grown Peer-Reviews

Certified Naturally Grown-Gypsy Flower Farm

It's a common misconception that CNG members must only rely on another CNG producer to complete their annual peer-review. While we'd love to have so many participants that there's always a CNG-er within an hour's drive, for many, the nearest CNG farm is a couple hours away or more. This post reports on the full variety of inspector-options available to members. 

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Seeking Photos and Stories from CNG Growers and Beekeepers


Peer inspections are at the heart of our grassroots certification program. Farmers who participate know what they're like, but the general public - and your customers - may wonder: what does a peer inspection actually look like? And how is it helpful for your farm and business? We'd like to fill in that picture - and that's where you come in! 

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Summer News from Your Grassroots Certification: 88 New Farmers and More

As we turn the corner into summer, we're celebrating a bumper crop of 88 newly certified farmers and beekeepers. Check the list below to see if a farmer you know is among them! For those who join CNG as a sustaining Friend, we're have new hand-designed canvas market totes. Read more below!

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Peer Inspections Build Farms - Are You In?

CNG peer inspection

Certified Naturally Grown's peer inspections are about much more than verifying a member's practices meet CNG standards.

Our peer-review model also:

  • promotes knowledge exchange between like-minded producers,
  • fosters valuable relationships, and
  • provides peer-to-peer technical assistance, all of which 
  • helps farms succeed

This summer we want to enhance these benefits and streamline the inspection process.

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9 Exceptional Farmers Markets in the US

Oregon City Farmers Market Supports CNG

The best farmer's markets are the ones that celebrate local, sustainable farmers and makers. They go the extra mile to make their local food systems more transparent and accessible. The nine markets listed below are committed to sustainable practices by preferring to work with, and in some cases even requiring their producers to become Certified Naturally Grown or organic. 

Learn more about markets across the country that recognize CNG in our Guide to Exceptional Markets (GEMs). 

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Worst Farm Bill Ever - Help Defeat It

Worst Farm Bill Ever

We’ve got a big problem in Washington: one that could harm farmers and communities around the country. 

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Q&A with Ariel Looser, Membership Services Coordinator

Ariel at Local Roots CSA

Last November we welcomed Ariel Looser on board as our Membership Services Coordinator. It's about time that we introduce her! During her six months with CNG, she's been welcoming new members, sending out certificates and orders, keeping up with our busy renewal season, and ensuring that the 750+ farmers and beekeepers have up-to-date certifications. We finally took a moment to interview Ariel about her interests in food and farming, and the many factors that brought her to CNG.

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