Seeking Photographers to Document Farm Work #CNGgrit

Posted on October 06, 2016


(photo by Lise Metzger of Grounded Women: stories of women who farm)

We see a lot of farm photos.

There are gorgeous photos of CSA offerings, fields sparkling with morning dew and (hopefully!) proudly displayed CNG signage.

All these beautiful images are a big part of telling your story. 

But we also want to represent another side of farming: the grit, determination and plain ol' sweat that it takes to get the job done.

Here we call it #CNGgrit.

We believe that #CNGgrit deserves a shout out so we're inviting photographers - hobbyists and professionals - to join us in filling our social media feeds with images of farm work.

We want to see the daily routines, practices, and determined effort that goes into producing that incredible CSA share. Show us what goes on BEHIND those dewey fields - the hands that plant and tend and nurture the local food that we so value. 

Join us to document and celebrate the determination and labor that goes into producing our good food.

Photographers - find the CNG farmers nearest you by searching the map of CNG farms here. Get in touch to see if they'd like you to document their CNG grit!

Farmers - please reach out to your CSA members, family members, anyone you know with some camera skills to capture your work on the farm. Then post and tag away!

Want some inspiration? Check out this incredible series called Grounded Women. Photographer Lise Metzger's mission is to "share the inspiring stories of powerful and committed women farmers" through words and photography. 

Sign up to join our campaign below! Help us track participants, and enable us to pair farmers and photographers in the same area.

Thanks for being a part of CNG!